Bailey Rosen Prepares To Paddle The Molokai 2 Oahu

Bailey Rosen in training | Image: Riggs 

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - One of the brightest east coast SUP talents, Bailey Rosen, is undertaking a monumental task this year - the Molokai 2 Oahu. It's arguably the most prestigious race and challenging events on the calendar, but a right of passage in many ways. Supconnect's Community Assistant, Alex Mauer, caught up with her last week to find out about her training schedule and preparation.

Words by Bailey Rosen. All photographs by Jeremy Riggs - www.paddlewithriggs.com


Doing the Molokai 2 Oahu has been a dream of mine since I started paddling! It's an incredible challenge and sure to be an amazing experience. The finances all came together and I am happy to say that I will be crossing the channel this July 27.

This opportunity really means a lot to me because of the huge commitment it represents. In doing it solo, I will challenge my physical and mental abilities in a whole new way. I'm really looking forward to gaining all that experience and rising to that challenge! Quickblade owner Jim Terrell has recommended a boat for me! I'm not sure on the details yet but I totally trust his referral.



I have never done the M2O before, but I spend the past week training on Maui, doing downwinders with Jeremy Riggs to get some more experience! I learned a ton, but I still have a ways to go before I'm ready for the Molokai race. I feel really excited about this crossing!! My family is coming with me and I will be competing in not only Molokai to Oahu, but Maui to Molokai and Maui Paddle Championships. It will be super fun and really tough no doubt, but I am ready!


I'm sure this will absolutely be the trip of a lifetime! As a paddler who is on flat water the majority of the time, it will be great to get into some big water and powerful waves. I'm really looking forward to soaking it all in and learning as much as possible. I'll be competing in the Shark Bite Challenge this weekend, and I'm really stoked for Carolina Cup later this month! In May I'll be taking International Baccalaureate Exams and this summer I'll be prepping for all of the races in Hawaii. 

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