3 Tips For SUP Event Organizers - By Stand Up For The Cure

 SAN DIEGO, California - Yesterday we had 7 very special guests here at Supconnect - Judie Vivian and the Schweitzer SUP clan - Shawneen, Matty, Zane, Shelby and Elena (Matty's fiance). They came to discuss Stand Up For The Cure - the world's biggest SUP charity event targeting the fight against breast cancer, taking place this weekend - May 3, 2014.

For those of you who don't know Judie, she is part of the driving force that makes the event work like a well-oiled machine. Along her husband, Rob, as well as Dan Van Dyck and the Schweitzer family, Judie has done the seemingly impossible for the last three years. With her infectious positivity and work ethic, Judie has helped spearhead one of the most loved and influential events around the world.

One of the burning questions we had to ask her and the group was how they put on such a big production? What are the there biggest things they've learned from the last three years.

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1. Work With The Right People

"The SUP CHICKS- The most incredible group of women paddlers you'll ever meet. There's about 30 of them. Before the event came out, nobody knew what to expect. They'd met with Judie at other events - six of the women are breast cancer survivors. They're the most fun and energetic women… That first year they raised 10 thousand dollars and they keep it going throughout the year. They do fund raising events through the year. They were an angel to us for sure." - judie


2. Find The Right Cause

"It's a very important decision - if you look on the internet you can find and endlessbreast cancer charities. We did… And the reason we love to work with Susan Komen is that all the money we donate to them, they turn around donate back to the community. 75% to the community, and 25% into research." - Judie



3. Location Location Location!

"To have 1000 people corralled on the water in such a small area, all in solidarity in our pink jerseys - it's a breath taking sight." - Shawneen



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