20 Awesome Photos From 2018


  • top sup photos 2018 Nicholas Spooner

    A paddler goes through the Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo, Switzerland. | Photo courtesy: Nicholas Spooner

  • top sup photos 2018 John Rosano

    Circling a small island on SUP in British Columbia. | Photo courtesy: John Rosano

  • top sup photos 2018 Jordan Lapekas

    The sun and shadows create a beautiful contrast in amazing Lake Powell. | Photo courtesy: Jordan Lapekas

  • top sup photos 2018 gutsy girls

    Taking a moment to take it all in in Norway's most beautiful Fjords. | Photo courtesy: Gutsty Girls

  • top sup photos 2018 SUP Rømskog

    Hiking through the first powder in Vestmarka, Norway. | SUP Rømskog

  • top sup photos 2017 krisztina havacs

    Perfect place for paddling. Macari, Sicily. | Photo via: Krisztina Havacs

  • top sup photos 2018 Christian Nafzger

    A young boy and his yellow Labrador on the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. | Photo courtesy: Christian Nafzger

  • top sup photos 2018 Robyn Bell

    Banff National Park sunrise SUP on Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada. | Photo courtesy: Robyn Bell

  • top sup photos 2018 Vitalii Minenko

    A very icy winter SUP tour in Vladivostok, Russia. | Photo courtesy: Vitalii Minenko

  • top sup photos 2018 Justina Dauksaite

    Finding connection on the water in Lithuania. | Photo courtesy: Justina Dauksaite

  • top sup photos 2018 samo laharnar

    Bright blue waters in Lefkada, Greece make for a magical and rejuvenating day of paddling. | Photo courtesy: Samo Laharnar

  • top sup photos 2018 Jacky Dustin

    Nashville native Jacky Dustin pregnant with her daughter, Harper, doing her the thing she loves most. | Photo courtesy: Jacky Dustin

  • top sup photos 2018 SUP Rømskog 2

    An eerie morning paddle at the Paddle Lodge in Vestmarka, Norway. | SUP Rømskog

  • top sup photos 2018 samo laharnar 2

    Paddling on the crystal clear waters of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. | Photo courtesy: Samo Laharnar

  • top sup photos 2018 Ildus Kalimullin

    Digging through the morning fog in Izhevsk, Russia. | Photo courtesy: Ildus Kalimullin

  • top sup photos 2018 SUP Wilderness Adventures

    Respecting cultural practices by covering up while on the water in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. | Photo courtesy: SUP Wilderness Adventures

  • top sup photos 2018 Rukman Lama

    Paddle boarding on Phewa Lake in Pokhara Nepal, with views of Mt. Fishtail, Mt. Annapurna South, Mt. Dhaulagiri (one of the tallest mountains on earth) nearby.| Photo courtesy: Rukman Lama

  • top sup photos 2018 Ryan Hamilton

    Demoing a new board on Lake Louise in snowy Alberta, Canada. | Photo courtesy: Ryan Hamilton

  • top sup photos 2018 Andy Hinton

    Charging hard on Tohickon Creek, Pennsylvania. | Photo courtesy: Andy Hinton

  • top sup photos 2018 Ildus Kalimullin

    A sky ablaze greets morning paddlers in Izhevsk, Russia. | Photo courtesy: Ildus Kalimullin

SAN DIEGO, California - 2018 has been a year to remember in the world of stand up paddling. Every year we see more people pushing the boundaries of this sport, exploring uncharted territories just to see the world from a new perspective. Now, with the new year right around the corner, we wanted to say our proper goodbyes to an epic 2018 with a roundup of some of the most awesome photos from the year. Check out 20 of the best SUP photos from 2018 above.

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