First Ever Attempt to SUP the Gulf Stream

Last weekend watermen Bill Whiddon and Thaddeus Foote attempted the first-ever crossing of the Gulf Stream from the Bahamian Island of Bimini to the shores of Miami Beach, Florida on stand-uppaddlboards (SUPs) to raise awareness of the impacts of plastics in the ocean.  Did they make it?

Record: The North Sea Conquered on SUP

Bart de Zwart arrived safely at a 12:45am on Friday June 1st to "The Spot" in Zandvoort, Holland after crossing the North Sea solo, non-stop and unsupported in almost 39 hours.  This was the first time anyone has attempted and succeeded at paddling from England to Holland!

Crossing the North Sea from England to Holland

Bart de Zwart, a 42 year old man from Maui, is setting off on another long distance SUP Journey.  Last summer he completed an unsupported, solo, non-stop SUP trip from the Big Island of Hawaii to Kauai.  This time he will paddle across the North Sea from England to his original homeland of Holland.

Shane Perrin Paddles 170-mile Ancient Mayan Route

Shane Perrin, who was on dialysis just a short while ago, has undertaken one of the most remarkable stand up paddle journeys in the books to date. He paddled 170 miles along an Ancient Mayan Route, from the heart of Belize to the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Arnaud Frennet Crosses the Straits of Magellan

Last Friday, December 10th, Arnaud Frennet has crossed the Strait of Magellan in SUP as part of the “MallSport Magellan Expedition”, a Stand Up Paddle trip to the most Southern region of the world. It was the very first time the mythical Strait was ever crossed in SUP and for Arnaud it concluded a project that had begun 3 years before.

Paddling for Life in the Ganges River, India

A few months ago, Terry Plunkett, an avid stand up paddler from Southern California, was standing in the parking lot at the San Onofre State Beach Park in San Diego with an unmistakable awe-struck expression, just a few minutes after talking to Michele Baldwin. Here is what Plunkett heard.

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