SUP Foiling Basics With Slingshot’s Foil Academy

Casey Brown SUP foiling into the night in Carlsbad, California. | Photo: Dominique Labrecque Casey Brown SUP foiling into the night in Carlsbad, California. | Photo: Dominique Labrecque

SAN DIEGO, California - With the foil phenomenon taking over the watersports realm the draw to try the craze is on the rise. Foiling however has proven to be pretty dangerous if you’re not aware of the do’s and don’t’s. The solution: Slingshot Foil Academy.

Slingshot’s Foil Academy is a free, comprehensive course on user-friendly foil progression that spans across SUP, surf, kite, wake, and wind. Once you choose the watersports discipline you’re most interested in trying the Foil Academy provides just about everything you need to know. From assembling your foil, to assembling your board to learning how to foil and maintaining your foil, the Foil Academy answers it all. And the best part? It’s all online and really easy to enroll so you can learn on your own time with no pressure.

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Casey Brown riding Slingshot's Airstrike SUP Foil setup. | Photos: Dominique Labrecque

“The way we look at riding waves is changing. By now you have heard of hydro foiling and you are intrigued. It is rising in popularity and the question of whether foiling is fad or future has been answered. Like it or not foiling is here to stay, which is great for you because its one of the most fun and exciting new aspects of surfing. It opens up endless possibilities; surf otherwise un rideable waves, beat the crowded lineups, and experience an entirely new sensation. Foiling won’t ever replace surfing and that isn't why we are here. We are here to help people get on the water as much as possible. Thats what foiling does, It opens up new waves, new spots and new days for you to get water time. Your dream of surfing every single day, may now finally come true…” - Slingshot Foil Academy

To learn more about the Slingshot Foil Academy and to sign up click HERE.

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