Supconnect Launches 2018 Paddle Board Reviews

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SAN DIEGO, California - For the past year, the Editorial team at Supconnect has been working long and hard on the second edition of their biggest launch to-date: the Supconnect Reviews. The Supconnect Reviews are an in-depth collection of highly detailed reviews of products in the stand up paddle (SUP) market. With this launch, Supconnect has added even more boards to the World’s largest SUP review platform.

In 2016 after realizing there was no one place where the SUP consumer could go and research products to get a honest and clear, third-party opinion on a certain board, paddle or accessory, Andre Niemeyer, Supconnect’s Publisher, decided it was time to create one. “Reviews are one of the first things that consumers consider before buying a product,” says Niemeyer. “And yet, the SUP market had almost nothing to offer on that front. There were three types of media that disguised as quasi-reviews. Most of that was a copy and paste from the brands’ websites. Add to it, that pretty much all of the alleged “product ranking websites” were fake listings created by SEO-spammers, with one brand in particular notoriously leading the way. And finally, the few value-added reviews out there were scattered across various websites and not consistently presented. There wasn’t a one stop-shop, where a large array of standup paddle boards were individually and personally paddled, weighed, and tested on in-depth metrics, presenting all that data in a consumer-friendly way. So in 2017, that’s what we created.” Now in its second year Supconnect has once again delivered value-added standup paddle board reviews to consumers and hosts more than 110 reviewed boards with more to come.

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Photos from the 2018 Supconnect Reviews. | Photos by Supconnect

As a paddle sports consumer it can be really difficult to find a board that is the perfect fit for you and your needs. With the many brands to choose from and all of the board technologies, sizes, disciplines, shapes, pricing, etc. finding what you’re looking for can get pretty overwhelming. And let’s face it, most consumers who are buying a product have no clue what drop-stitch or brushed carbon technologies even mean. So, we are taking note of all those technologies and translating them into consumer friendly terms while respecting the place of each one of those products in the marketplace. The Editorial team at Supconnect reviews boards of of all price points, uses and skill levels so no matter what type of board a consumer may be looking for there’s definitely a board in there for everyone.

For the 2018 launch, Supconnect’s Editorial team reviewed more than 40 stand up paddle boards, individually taking photos, paddling the boards, weighing the boards, and translating all the features and benefits of the product into consumer-friendly language that adds value. The team is also working on even more reviews to add to the 2018 list so stay tuned for more to come.

To view the Supconnect Reviews, click HERE.

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