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5. London Calling for Experienced Paddle Boarders

big ben challenge london 2017


Heat Score - 68

If you’ve always wanted to paddle board on the Thames river in London, a new race is being offered this Fall. The London Crossing is a 15.5 km (~9.5 mi) race for experienced standup paddle racers that will run alongside the Big Ben Challenge which is a 20 km (~12.4 mi) paddle suited best for experienced paddle boarders. Both the London Crossing and Big Ben Challenge will run on September 23, 2018. Read more HERE.






4. Body Glove Introduces SUP with Paddle Integrated Handle

body glove oasis paddle board 1

Heat Score - 74

Coming in Summer 2018 the folks at Body Glove will be offering a yoga and fitness-specific paddle board with features never before seen for a board of its kind. Learn more about the all new Oasis HERE.


3. A Brief Guide To UK SUP

uk sup guide snowdonia

Heat Score - 80

There’s a thriving stand up paddle boarding scene in the UK. Every year participation numbers increase exponentially and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Learn more about paddle boarding in the UK HERE.


2. Should You Paddle Board With A Cold?

paddle boarding with a cold 1

Heat Score - 88

Cold and flu season is not a fun one, and if you have survived the season “flu-free”, consider yourself blessed. And if you are caught right in the midst of a cold or flu, you might wonder: “Should I work out? Should I train?” Read more HERE.

1. Ways to Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure While Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding sun exposure2

Heat Score - 95

Getting your much-needed vitamin D while paddle boarding is one of the perks of being on the water though it’s important to take note that too much sun exposure can be harmful and cause problems down the road. To avoid getting too much sun while paddle boarding we’ve teamed up with dermatologist Rebecca Shpall, MD to get you a list of what you can do. Check it out HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 2 27 18

Photo via: Kaela-Rayne Bermeister (@kaela_rayne)

Description: "Sunrise Paddle - Turkey 2016” Location: Göcek, Fethiye

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