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Our motto is: "always look for the better stroke." Following that principal through our daily work has earned us an impressive (and arguably, unmatched) record of media achievements, especially as they relate to our standup paddle media efforts. Covering the sport when others deliberately avoided, presenting in-house multi-media editorial content when others offer only forum, blog, or press release material, and pushing toward new frontiers like cable & online television when others were content with simply print and almost-never-upgraded web features have made us a leader in standup paddle media. The record speaks for itself.


Media coverage is given in the sport’s inception when all others turn away

In 2007, the year My Local Lineup was founded, when wooden paddles were still widely used, sup races largely done on surfboards, and virtually no media wanted to touch the sport, we were there on the field, among the few standup paddlers around, witnessing and giving media coverage to the explosive growth of the sport, and seeing standup paddling go from our small group of friends to unthinkable corners of the world.




Site’s web traffic supersedes that of some of the industry’s greatest names

In 2008, while proudly putting standup paddling on the spotlight and delivering a major upgrade to our online platform, we, being only a few years old, overtook decade old names like Rusty's and Surfer's Journal on web traffic and came within inches of reaching leading media websites like Surfing Magazine’s site.



Cable TV show hits the screens during primetime and weekends

In that same year, we expanded to offer not only web content but also a cable television show in San Diego, one of (if not the) the action sports Mecca of the world, where hundreds of industry headquarters converge not only to call their home, but also for numerous trade shows, industry meetings, public fairs, and more. That positioned My Local Lineup TV as a key player in reaching both a highly populated and dedicated action sports community.

Cable TV quadruples in airtime due to demand

In just a matter of weeks, the network quadrupled our airtime as a result of demand. Given the millions of people we were reaching and the degree to which the community is invested in water sports, My Local Lineup TV quickly became a regular feature playing regularly throughout millions of homes in San Diego County.   

World’s first SUP TV begins airing on cable television to 1 million homes

In 2009, we continued to expand and take standup paddling to new frontiers by launching the world's first standup paddle television, at this point on cable TV. Standup Paddle TV began airing to 1 million homes in San Diego County, amounting to a reach of about 3 million people, including prime time and weekends.





SUP TV airs online hitting 3,000 distribution points and reaching over 75 countries   

In 2010, and again, due to demand, Standup Paddle TV later was made available online, becoming a wild success, with 1,500 views a day already in the first two days of its release, turning into what it is today, with over 3,000 distribution points on the world wide web and being seen in over 75 countries, arguably earning the title of the world’s most powerful and dynamic standup paddle media platform.

Exclusive section for sup is released with unprecedented content & features

Also in 2010, we debuted the SUP section of the website, presenting an unprecedented amount of features and a barrage of content, all of which could have been easily labeled the world’s largest standup paddle venue on the web.

My Local Lineup Overtakes Surfing Magazine in web rank

With only three years of existence and with far less resources, My Local Lineup overtakes Surfing Magazine in website ranking, making early 2010 a historical time for the company and proving even further how My Local Lineup’s dynamic, creative, and industrious mode of operation delivers results.

World’s largest media bloc is formed leading to a print/web alliance

Later, we joined hands with Clay Feeter’s Standup Journal, presenting a web/print alliance and forming the world’s largest media bloc in standup paddling. The Journal's pioneering role as the first publication to actively cover the sport and My Local Lineup's leading role on the web and with Sup TV had two frontiersmen join hands to continue to take standup paddling to new heights.

First website actively covering standup paddle to enter the 100K+ group rank

On October, 2010, we made history for the sport once again. We became the first website, of all sites that actively cover sup, to enter the world’s top 100,000+ group of websites in online traffic, with Standup Paddle TV as its top content, showing how the popularity of the sport is reaching ever increasing demographics.   

Revolutionizing upgrade, called ‘Sup Connect,’ is launched for SUP Division

Now, as we continue with our breathtaking impetus of always looking for the better stroke, we’re proud to present one of our greatest product releases, our new and all exciting online platform for standup paddling called ‘Sup Connect.’ Sup Connect contains both editorial content and a social network integrated with Facebook. On the editorial front, the site offers articles of contributors from all over the world, plus it also relies on the excellent work of Clay Feeter, the publisher of Standup Journal. In addition, it’s the new home of Standup Paddle TV, the first and leading video source for the sport worldwide. On the social network front, users can interact with one another via friendships, group discussions, photo sharing, video posting, event registration, and more, boosting the information flow, facilitating community involvement, and serving as a resource for paddlers to grow even more connected.

Many call themselves leaders of sup media. We rather let the record speak for itself

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