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Audience & Technology


In an age of media revolution, you cannot afford to be left behind. As one of the original standup paddle media outlets, reaching tens of thousands of people regularly, and having over 3,000 remote media outlets throughout the worldwide web, sponsorship on My Local Lineup SUP is a must-have feature for any company seriously considering to establish, maintain, or advance its place in the stand up paddle world.



Feature Highlights



Have your logo on every page of the world's highest ranked sup site
checkgreen Deliver your campaign message thru dynamic banner formats
checkgreen Have your products featured and editorialized in the Gear Guide
checkgreen Have a commercial running in the Mecca of action sports via Cable TV
checkgreen Have a presence in over 3,000 websites & 75 countries via Sup TV
checkgreen Have the added value of being aligned with pioneers & leaders of the sport
checkgreen Have a media team working round the clock to put you on par with latest technology




World's Highest Ranked Website


Independent 3rd Party Web Rank

Alexa.com is the world’s most trusted, independent website ranking engine, gauging overall traffic to a website but without taking into account video streams. That way of measurement puts Mylocallineup.com at a fair disadvantage since it relies heavily on video content. But nonetheless, Mylocallineup.com comes out as the world’s highest ranked media site that actively covers stand up paddling.

Understanding the Ranking System

Alexa’s ranking works much like a podium, the lower the number the higher up on the podium one is, with, for example, Google standing all the way on top with a #1 ranking, followed by Facebook #2 … Twitter #12, and so on. Alexa’s ranking takes into accounts websites world wide and presents the world ranking and also regional ranking.

Comparing Web Rankings Among SUP Sites


sites rank (10.25.10)
rank (current)
1. mylocallineup.com world 187,689 us 40, 587 link
2. standupzone.com world 232,134 us 61,799 link
3. supsurfmag.com world 461,005 us 209,897 link
4. standuppaddlesurf.net world 590,769 us 245,695 link
5. supglobal.com world  742,514 gb 132,703 link
6. paddlesurf.net world 825,390 us 422,295 link




World's First Standup Paddle TV


Benefits of Advertising on Sup TV

Standup Paddle TV players are spread over 3,000 websites worldwide
checkgreen Standup Paddle TV episodes are seen in over 75 countries across the globe
checkgreen Each Sup TV player is a media outlet to deliver your company's name
checkgreen Your company's ad on Sup TV is delivered in motion picture and soundbite
checkgreen Research shows that video is the most forcefull & effective advertising medium
checkgreen Generate unmatched brand recognition thru message in video and audio
checkgreen Each video ad and overlay on Sup TV is delivered with a link to your website
checkgreen Your company's name delivered in-stream with video to captive audience


High-Caliber Videos

Stand Up Paddle TV, a product of My Local Lineup, was the first of its kind in the world, debuting initially on local cable television in San Diego and later made available online and world wide in response to the explosive global interest it sparked, confirming even further the broad appeal of our high-caliber video production.

Viral Capabilities

Each one of the videos can be virally distributed with a click of a button, via email, through social networks, or by embedding it on other sites (see these functions live on player).

Seen Around the World

As a result of its high-caliber content and viral capabilities, Stand Up Paddle Paddle TV has witnessed about 1,500 views a day just within the first days of launching, with over 3,000 distribution points through the world wide web and being seen in over 75 countries, arguably becoming the world's most powerful and dynamic standup paddle media plaftorm. Advertising through Sup TV is a one shot solution to getting your company's name through over 3,000 websites spanning across the globe!


Sample List of Advertising Outlets via Sup TV


manufactures stores media regions
Hobie.com Surfermagforum.com Kenalu.com
Sup Holland
SupJournal.com Supglobal.com Sup France
StandupPaddleOut.com FordumdeSUP.com Sup Switzerland
DistressedMullett.com SupFrance.com Sup Hawaii
Wernerpaddles.com Kitespirit.com Gokayak.com Sup England
KingsPaddle.com Missionsurf.com Sup Australia Sup Thailand
Supthemag.com SoCalsurfjourney.com Sup France Sup Latin America


This is a short sample list for illustrative purposes



Highly Comprehensive Editorial & Community Platform


Editorial Content

My Local Lineup relies on the most respected and influential players in the world of standup paddling when it comes down to its editorial content. Benefiting from its early and pivotal role in the growth of the sport, the company has a vast sup network, whose members grow the sport, spur innovation, and drive trends.

Community Platform

In addition to its editorial efforts, the company offers a robust social plaftform, which is integrated with Facebook. Many standup paddlers have expressed their frustration with Facebook in that they want to become friends with other standup paddlers, but don't want to give them access to their personal lives, with their wedding pictures, family, updates, etc. So, we've created the Facebook of SUP, where users can login with their Facebook account and befriend others where all we do is talk sup 24/7.  

Feature Chart

 Editorial Content

Community Platform
 Community Platform 
checkgreen Exclusive Articles checkgreen Geo/Cat. Calendar checkgreen Friend's Map
checkgreen Gear Guide checkgreen User Groups checkgreen Event Registration
checkgreen Press Releases checkgreen User Profiles checkgreen Event Announcements
How to's checkgreen User Photos checkgreen Wall Posts
checkgreen Destination checkgreen User Videos checkgreen Photo Tagging
checkgreen Profiles checkgreen User Discussions checkgreen Video Commenting
checkgreen Races checkgreen Social Maps checkgreen Photo Commenting
checkgreen Contests checkgreen Dating Engine checkgreen Article Commenting
checkgreen Standup Paddle TV checkgreen Facebook Integrated checkgreen Social Network Sharing


Added Value


Social Networks
My Local Lineup runs a powerful sup social network enterprise
10,000+ people


Email List

We have large mailing list of watersports enthusiasts all across globe 5,000+ people


Athlete Connection

We work with the best athletes and can present unique sponsorship options world athletes


Event Media Partner

My Local Lineup is the primary media partner of various sup events SUP & More


Editorial Content on Sponsor

We constantly produce editorial content on our sponsors Video & More


Pioneers & Leaders of Standup Paddling

We were there in the beginning, we know and we are among the pioneers
Insiders' Angle






New media is the new dominant standard by which companies either rise or fall in today’s market. And by nearly all counts, My Local Lineup SUP is undoubtedly helping lead the way on the new media of stand up paddling, whether it be on website ranking, online TV, cable TV, or the breadth of web content. Sponsorship on My Local Lineup is a must-have feature for any company seriously considering to establish, maintain, or advance its place in the stand up paddle industry

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