How To Position A Fin On A SUP

Learn how to properly place the fin on your stand up paddle board. Learn how to properly place the fin on your stand up paddle board.

OAHU, Hawaii - So you know how to install your fin into your stand up paddle board but want to learn how to properly position the fin within the fin box? Todd Caranto from Pau Hana Surf Supply demonstrates how to properly position a fin on a stand up paddle board (SUP). There are three different positions in which you can place the fin: forward, middle or back. Depending on the type of paddling you are planning on doing, the placement of the fin can have a great impact on the way the board handles. Learn more about these three fin placements and watch Todd demonstrate these placements in the video below.

Forward Fin Positioning

After you put your fin into the board, slide the fin forward towards the nose of the board. Positioning your fin forward will make the board easier to maneuver, or turn right or left. This is where you want to have your fin if you plan on SUP surfing.

Back Fin Positioning

If you don’t want your board to maneuver as easily, position your fin towards the back of the fin box in towards the tail of the board. Positioning your fin at the tail will stiffen the movement of your board and make it go in a straight direction for a longer amount of time.

Center Fin Positioning

If you’re just cruising around on your paddle board having your fin centered in the fin box is the best choice.

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