What SUP With The Werner Paddles Bent Shaft Grand Prix Race Paddle?

So many people come see the Werner Paddles crew at stand up paddle races and ask, what's up with the Werner Paddles Grand Prix bent race paddle? But even with interest due to its strange look, you hardly ever see any on the water...so what's up with that? Here, Werner Paddles gives us a look at the story behind it.

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Werner Paddles Releases SUP Surf-Specific Paddle

Why would a paddle designed for race, or versatile use be expected to perform at a high level in the surf? Werner Paddles has invested in the wave rider and has been working long and hard to develop a paddle suited just for SUP surfing. Their result: The Rip Stick.

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Payette River Games Insider Coverage With Werner Paddles

The Payette River Games will be this weekend, June 19 - 21 and you can bet that the world's best stand up paddlers will be there to fight for their piece of the pie. Werner Paddles athlete, Fiona Wylde, will be one of those elite racers to run the river and in the video below, Fiona talks about her passion for stand up paddling and why Werner Paddles is the fit for her.

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Fiona Wylde Reports on SUWT Turtle Bay Event

Hear the thoughts of Werner Paddles-SUP team member, 17 year-old Waterwoman, Fiona Wylde, after just wrapping up her first big competition of the year with an awesome finish.

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Werner Paddles Announces New Small Fit Paddle For Women

Werner Paddles announces a new paddle specifically designed with women in mind. With the help of some amazing female athletes and manufacturing technologies, we matched our small or mid-sized blades with a new small shaft and small grip.

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