4 Tips For Choosing The Right SUP Gear

SAN DIEGO, California - As a novice to the sport of SUP, your first big choice is getting set up with gear. The right board and paddle will speed up your learning curve, make it safer for you (and those around you) and increase the amount of all-round fun you’ll have, while the wrong equipment will do the exact opposite. Today we’ll go through the checks and balances you’ll need to explore and how to get the most out of your time in the water. 

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4 Beginner Tips for Picking The Right Conditions

SAN DIEGO, CA - Every paddler remembers their first session. It’s a fun, humbling experience that turns your curiosity for a new sport into something more - a lifelong pursuit for many. Choosing the right conditions to go out there is an important decision. Today we’re going to be talking about the ideal location to start paddling, with safety in mind.

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5 Easy Steps To Start SUP'ing

As part of a brand new beginner series that reaches out to new members of the SUP community, we're putting together a collection of articles that go through the basics of our sport. Today we’re going to be covering all of the entry points, for people who are looking for a simple but useful guide to getting started. 

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Boardworks Shares How to SUP With Your Dog Video

Recently Boardworks Surf Team Rider Michael Tavares and his dog Shredder headed out on the water to show all of us How to SUP with a Dog.  Click "Read More" to see the video and read the tips.

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How to Move On, From Flatwater to Beyond - #3

Dealing with injury during SUP training is not always easy to work through.  Learn what Karla Gore is experiencing via her training notes and see if this is something you or someone you know has also dealt with.  Click "Read More" to follow the journey.

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First Book Dedicated to Teaching Dogs to SUP

Until recently, few resources have been available for dog loving paddlers who want to teach their best friends to ride on a paddleboard. How to SUP With Your PUP is the first book dedicated to teaching dogs to SUP.

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