5 Tips For SUP Surfing Big Waves

SAN DIEGO, California - Winter is approaching fast. This means colder water, longer swell periods and hopefully bigger waves. For those of you looking to step your performance in the solid stuff, we’ve put together a list of tips with the help of South African charger, Greg Bertish.

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5 Tips for the First Time SUP Surfer

For those stand up paddlers who have never surfed in their entire lives and have a desire to learn SUP surfing, here are a few tips that will help make the experience a good one for everyone.

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Stand Up Paddle Surf - Rules of the Water

The emergence of stand up paddle surf has resulted in more crowds and less patience in lineups around the world. One man relates the frustrations felt at breaks in Santa Cruz and gives us tips on how to avoid confrontation.

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Paddle Boarding Venezuela

From churning 6-foot waves to serenely beautiful bays with crystal clear waters, Venezuela has much to offer to all stand up paddle skill levels. Read on to discover highlights of a country on the SUP frontier.

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Paddle Boarding Playa Danta, Costa Rica

Playa Danta in the Las Catalinas community is poised to become a pre-eminent international stand up paddle destination. The Guanacaste coastline along the north west of Costa Rica is a dramatic and rich area that offers inspiring venues for all kinds of ocean water sports.

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Volume in Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

When choosing a stand up paddle board, volume is arguably the primary factor that one should consider. Here is a reference table that gives you a guideline when selecting your stand up paddle board.

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Paddle Boarding Bali, Indonesia

An Island sitting in the Indian Ocean eight degrees south of the Equator, resting on the western fringes of the ring of fire, with perfect waves and conveniently placed reef channels, this is where I call home, Bali, also known as the ‘Island of the gods’ and more recently as ‘Stand Up Heaven.’

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How to Be Safe Stand Up Paddle Surfing

As the fastest growing sport in the USA, stand up paddlers are flocking to surfing beaches often without adequate skills or training.· This has created tensions between traditional surfers and SUP’ers.

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