SUP Surfer Films great White Off Manhattan Beach

MANHATTAN BEACH, California - On May 13, Wagner Deabreu uploaded this eerily peaceful video of a Great White cruising a lightly crowded lineup at El Porto, Manhattan Beach. Sharks are beautiful predators that deserve every inch of respect we give them (in fact more, since there are so many people who don't give sharks any at all).

Watch and tell us what you think...

 At the very least, we were impressed by Wagner's caption: "Today was a nice 7 to 9 ft day at El Porto - Manhattan Beach - ca. Very beautiful and peaceful to be near one of those. Chief lifeguard said they were trying to tag them but they could not get them onto the boat. Spread the truth, sharks ain't monsters, but some of the comments here shows whom you should fear instead. ;)"


Last modified onFriday, 18 November 2016 16:28

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