20 SUP Brands Worth Following On Instagram

We love that brands share their awesome content on Instagram for all of us to see because you best believe we have been looking! Below we’ve made a list of our favorite stand up paddle board brands that we think are worth following on Instagram.

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SIC Maui Okeanos

Price: $1,499.95 Build: Non-Inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Touring
Weight:  31lbs Sizes: 11', 12'6", 14'

About the board:If you’re looking for a non-inflatable touring board that looks and feels good under your feet, check out the Okeanos from SIC Maui. Starting at $1,499, the Okeanos sits in the mid-tier price point and is a solid board for its price. The board is 29 in. wide and is best for intermediate-level paddlers looking for mid-range to long-distance paddling. The board is offered in four sizes (11’, 12’6” x 27”, 12’6” x 29”, 14’) and has two different color variations to choose from. Read more HERE.

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SIC Maui RS Air Glide

Price: $999.95 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Race
Weight: 24.7 lbs Sizes: 11', 12'6", 14'

About the board:If you’re on the market for a premium race inflatable paddle board but look no further. The RS by SIC Maui is short for ‘Rocket Ship’ and the name suits the board perfectly. This race board is the inflatable version of its composite counterpart and is fast and lightweight. The inflatable RS is offered in multiple length and width combos, for both adult and youth paddlers. It’s best for intermediate and advanced racers looking for a board that excels on flatwater but can also handle some chop. Starting at $999, the RS sits in the affordable price point tier and is a premium choice that is worth every penny. Read more HERE.

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SIC Maui F

Price: $1,899.95 Build: Non-Inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Touring
Weight: 28.2 lbs Sizes: 12', 14'

About the board:If you’re looking for a classic downwind/touring board that does it all, take a look at SIC Maui’s F model. The F was designed to suit paddlers of all sizes and offers more stability than other boards in the same category due to its generous volume. The board is offered in two different sizes (12’ and 14’) and is perfect for downwind paddling. The board is fast, stable and pretty easy to carry, weighing slightly over 28 lbs. Starting at $1,899 the F is a premium paddle board that is best suited for intermediate paddlers looking for a downwind-specific board that can also be used for touring and all around paddling. Read more HERE.

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SIC Maui Bayonet

Price: $2,499 Build: Non-Inflatable
Skill: Advanced Use: Touring/Downwind
Weight: 24.6 lbs Sizes: 12'6", 14', 17'1"

About the board:The Bayonet by SIC Maui is a premium downwind specific paddle board that also doubles as a race board and works best for advanced paddlers. At 26 in. wide the board is unstable for inexperienced paddlers but can feel pretty stable for paddlers who are experienced. The Bayonet is great for paddling long distances and is fast, lightweight and easy to carry. The board weighs roughly 24.6 lbs and has a volume of 295L. This board is offered in four sizes (12’6”, 14’ x 24.5”, 14’ x 26”, 17’1”) and starts at $2,499, placing it in the high price point tier in terms of affordability. Read more HERE.

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Spring 2019 SUP Gear Guide

The sun is starting to shine, ice is melting and spring is starting to peek it’s head around the corner. With temperatures rising and waterways defrosting into lakes and rivers again, it’s time to start getting geared up and ready to get back on the water and out of the winter hibernation. Here, we’ve put together a list of SUP gear, accessories, and of course boards for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er for the 2019 Spring paddle boarding season, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

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Top 5 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes, especially as a beginner in anything new that we try. Stand up paddle boarding is no different and as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, there are tons of newbies that are participating in the sport on a daily basis. To help these newbies from committing the same mistakes that we've all fallen victim to, here are some of the top mistakes to avoid as a beginner paddle boarder.

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5 Tips To Improve Your SUP Race Performance

Want to know the key to success when it comes to performing well during a stand up paddle race? Look no further because we've aggregated improvement tips from some of the best SUP racers on the planet. Stepping up your game and performing at a higher level takes more than just a lot of time on the water. Here are the top 5 tips on how you can improve your performance during a SUP race.

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Tips To Improve Your SUP Surf Performance

Now that you’re hooked to the feeling of riding waves you’re probably ready to step it up and start improving your skills. We’ve gathered tips and advice from some of the top SUP surfing pros from around the globe to help guide you towards your goal of becoming a better stand up paddle surfer.

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SIC Maui 2019 Range: New Surf Shapes, Touring Boards, & Graphics

The new SIC Maui 2019 Collection offers some exciting new shapes and designs, breaking away from traditional SIC aesthetics. From a brand whose claim to fame has been solid colors, straight lines, and heavy on premium race boards, their 2019 range mixes things up with beautiful graphics and colors on all new surf, touring, and all-around models.

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What Makes A Quality SUP?

If you’re thinking of buying a paddle board, it helps to know what qualities make a superior SUP. With this knowledge, you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and make a great purchase decision.

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