Red Paddle Co. Whip

Price: $1,199 Build: Inflatable
Skill: Intermediate Use: Surf
Weight: 17.1 lbs Sizes: 8'10"

Who is this for: If you’re looking for a stable, inflatable, surf board to paddle short distances then the Red Paddle Co. Whip is worth a look. This stand up paddle (SUP) board comes in the MSL construction which is very durable and has its ups and downs. Due to its 29 inch width the board is somewhat stable and has 1.94 lbs per foot weighing 17.1 lbs total, making this board very lightweight. Its shape makes the Whip great for surfing either in the ocean or on the river that can be used by surf and river enthusiasts with an intermediate skill-set. Its construction and shape combined best fit this board for recreational paddling of short distances. Retailing at $1,199, the Whip is in the popular mid-tier market in terms of affordability.

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Barbados to Host Dragon World Championships

Red Paddle Co Racing have set their sights on the Caribbean as the location for their inaugural, revolutionary, team racing concept – the Dragon World Championships. The first ever dedicated paddle board team racing event.

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Red Paddle Co Unpacks A Bag Full Of Resolutions

Red Paddle Co have announced the launch of their latest campaign ‘A Bag Full Of…’ which aims to identify the real passions behind why people hit the water with their trusty inflatable paddle board.

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Ionian Islands SUP Adventure

Bethany Mercer and Jay Haysey a West Sussex based couple, recently went on an epic holiday paddling their SUPs around the Ionian Islands in Greece. All they took with them were their Red Paddle Co. inflatables, a tent and the basic necessities on their two-week trip.

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Red Paddle Co Leading Innovation In Inflatables

The secret is out and the 2017 Red Paddle Co range has arrived! With a number of new features and innovative designs introduced such as: the new FFC system; re-designed Titan pump; LeverLock handles; FCS fins, redeveloped bag; MSL Fusion and RAM Mounts on every board. Their trusty hard-working team have once again, delivered industry-leading products which continue to make them the World’s leading inflatable SUP brand!

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World’s First SUP Team Race In Hong Kong

Last week saw the official start of the Dragon World Series as hundreds gathered to be part of the debut event at Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong. Held at Victoria Recreation Club, 13 teams of four competed on Red Paddle Co’s brand new team racing board, the Red Dragon, to be crowned the winners of this inaugural event.

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Red Paddle Co Launches New Designs For 2017

Red Paddle Co is proud to announce the release of its 2017 stand-up paddleboard (SUP) range. Introducing a number of new features, as well as three brand new innovative designs which fall in to the fastest growing categories – racing and touring – the British brand continues to excel in both design and technical specification.

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Red Paddle Co. Unleashes The Dragon At Surf Expo

Red Paddle Co., have announced the launch of the world’s first Dedicated Global Team Racing Concept – the Red Dragon. Mixing the intensity of SUP racing with the camaraderie of team spirit, the four-person Red Dragon marks the evolution of competitive SUP team racing and was exclusively available to view at the Surf Expo this week!

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Red Paddle Co. Hits The Water With Backbone Media

Red Paddle Co. North America., the United Kingdom-based maker of high performance, inflatable stand-up paddle boards, has selected Backbone Media to lead its North American public relations outreach program.

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The 3 Types Of Drop Stitch Technology Used To Build Inflatable SUPs

Red Paddle Co. is known for their quality inflatable stand up paddle boards and they continue to develop products that are not only beautiful but also well put together. Red Paddle Co has recently just announced a new technology and material they have started to use in their boards called MSL Technology.

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Red Paddle Co Goes On Tour Across North America This Summer

Red Paddle Co a premier inflatable standup paddleboard company announced their 2016 Red Paddle Co North American Demo Tour. A 59 stop tour, taking their brand of market leading Inflatable standup paddleboards on the road around North American this summer.

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2016 Spring Paddle Boarding Gear Guide

The sun is starting to shine, ice is melting and spring is starting to peek it’s head around the corner. With temperatures rising and waterways defrosting into lakes and rivers again, it’s time to start getting geared up and ready to get back on the water and out of the winter hibernation. Here, we’ve put together a list of SUP gear, SUP accessories, SUP boards and all the must have's for everyone from a beginner to the advanced SUP'er for the 2016 Spring SUP season, so there's sure to be something in this guide for everyone!

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