Rogue SUP "All-Arounder" Designs

rogueselectionallaroundRogue Stand Up Paddleboards lives up to its name by taking its product line where other SUP companies have steered away ... AWESOME GRAPHCIS!!! Based out of San Clemente, CA.

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Rusty Signs with Boardworks

Boardworks announces a new Paddle Sport Division.  “Stand Up Paddling has been among the bright spots at retail in a very tough market,” said Boardworks’ Bob Rief.

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Ernie Higgins Shapes Picnic SUP

Ernie Higgins, a veteran surfboard craftsman with labels under his belt like G&S and Eaton, is always open to delving into a novel way of carving watercrafts -- hence, his company's name, "Waterlines Unlimited."

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Kayak-Board Hybrid, New SUP Design

Yolo Board, a Florida-based company with a focus on stand-up paddle boards, launched a kayak-sup hybrid, called "Yolo Yak." Made out of polyethylene, that plastic material found in kayaks, Yolo Yak is more durable than a fiberglass surfboard and fairly light for its size.

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