Gerry Lopez GL-1 Stand Up Paddleboard Fin by FCS


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MSRP: $Call for Price - VISIT FCS SUP SHOP




MSRP: $Call for Price - VISIT FCS SUP SHOP



FCS & Gerry Lopez, aka Mr. Pipeline, have designed a Tri-quad set which will customize your board by allowing you to switch between a quad & thruster set up. It offers great response & maneuverability for large surf craft which is ideal for SUP & performance longboards. This fin is created with Performance Core material and construction which is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process produces a lightweight fin with remarkable flex, a smooth feel and an impressive aesthetic.

The Gerry Lopez fin, or GL-1, can be a game changer for surfers. Not only did Gerry lead the way in wave performance becoming known as the best tuberider in the world but has also been a shaper.  This insight really gives the GL-1 fin an extra edge.  Here's what Gerry said about his fin designs with FCS,

“Shaping my own boards of every kind since 1968, has impressed the critical importance of fin shape and design as equal to that of surfboard shape. Now SUP has arrived on the scene and removable fins are utilized on practically every board. I prefer the thruster and/or quad setups for my SUP surfing boards. Working with FCS, I’ve designed both a thruster set as well as a quad setup. So for wave riding, I think we've got you covered. Keep paddling!”  

You can find the GL-1 at local SUP & surf shops or online at www.supfcs.com

MSRP: $Call for Price - VISIT FCS SUP SHOP



Equipment: Stand Up Paddleboard Fin

Equipment Use: Flatwater & Surf

MSRP: $Call for Price - VISIT FCS SUP SHOP

Length: na

Width: na

Weight: na

Thickness: na

Fin Setup: tri-quad set

Other.1: Optimum weight range: 75kg-90kg

Other 2: Thrusters

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MSRP: $Call for Price - VISIT FCS SUP SHOP


Gerry-Lopez-FCS-SUP-Fin-GL-1-1 Gerry-Lopez-FCS-SUP-Fin-GL-1-2
Gerry-Lopez-FCS-SUP-Fin-GL-1-3 Gerry-Lopez-FCS-SUP-Fin-GL-1-4


MSRP: $Call for Price - VISIT FCS SUP SHOP



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