A Look At Suzie Cooney & Her New Book “How To Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance - Beginner To Elite”

What do you get when you cross a surgical orthopedic technician with motocross bike racing with surfing with standup paddle boarding? You get Suzie Cooney, one of the top SUP trainers in the world, and author of the new “Bible” of SUP training. Her new book, “How To Increase your Stand Up Paddling Performance”, gives the SUP world full access to her training methods to help you improve your water game.

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5 Reasons To Stand Up Paddle Your Way To A Fit Body

Stand Up Paddling is a good work out that keeps you active and fit. Did you know Stand Up Paddling even beats your gym? Once you have read the five reasons below you will never want to skip a paddle-session for a work-out in the gym anymore!

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Jodelle Fitzwater's Journey Into SUP Yoga

Jodelle Fitzwater stars n the latest installment from 'Facing Waves', which takes us into why and how she came to start yoga and paddle boarding, giving fans and readers a unique look at her career and journey.

SUP Fitness Video

Paiwen team manager, Alison Calder, talks us through the basics of a good SUP workout.

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Naish Release 2014 Glide Range

Naish have just released their 2014 'Glide' range of touring, fitness training and racing boards. These multi-functional machines are set to rock the SUP world this year, offering paddlers an all-in-one board that suits all conditions and disciplines. 

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5 Benefits of Using The SUP Ergometer

MIAMI BEACH, Florida - Kayak Pro have just introduced the SUP Ergometer, which has spurred on the indoor SUPtheWorkOut program - a low intensity/high impact routine that takes paddling indoors and provides the most realistic alternative out there.

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