KIALOA Promotes Biomechanics As A Proven Way To Prevent Injuries

At KIALOA, they have developed blade sizes that fit a paddler’s desired power needs. At KIALOA, they have developed blade sizes that fit a paddler’s desired power needs.

BEND, Oregon – Poorly fitted paddles and poor biomechanics are the root causes of many paddling injuries. To avoid overuse injuries it is important to use a paddle with the correct length, blade surface area, and shaft flex. It is equally important to use a paddling technique that is in harmony with the natural biomechanics of the body.

As a paddle manufacturer, KIALOA has addressed the problem from the equipment side of the equation. At KIALOA, they have developed blade sizes that fit a paddler’s desired power needs. Think of blade size as gears on your bike. Larger blades are best suited to faster, stronger paddlers or beginner paddlers looking for stability. Smaller blades are more like a spinning gear on your bike and ideal for those who prefer a quick cadence or want to be easier on their joints. Likewise, KIALOA's shafts are designed and tested to optimize the perfect amount of flex for a given paddling activity.

However, equipment is only part of the equation. A paddling technique that incorporates poor biomechanics, can lead to chronic injuries. The team at KIALOA are promoting biomechanics as a proven way to paddle longer, stronger and ultimately faster. Simply stated, biomechanics is a system that promotes the healthiest most efficient joint and muscle environment to allow the body to perform optimally, heal more rapidly and flourish well into the future. This system will allow you to create more power and reduce the risk of injury when paddling. This combination, the use of a properly fitted paddle and the application of sound biomechanics, will allow you to enjoy the sport of stand up paddling for a lifetime of keeping it together on the water.

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“KIALOA is known throughout the paddling industry for producing high quality and innovative paddle designs and providing proper paddle fit information through our website and our specialty dealers. Our biomechanics video series is the next step in promoting healthy paddlers to enjoy the sport of paddling for a lifetime and paddle longer and paddle stronger” said KIALOA's Meg Chun.

About KIALOA Paddles

The KIALOA employees live like they paddle by following the guiding principles of their core values: Po'okela (excellence), Laulima (teamwork), and Mālama (stewardship). These values drive everyday decisions, and were born out of the employees’ paddling experiences. The energy created by like-minded people can lead to amazing things. At KIALOA, the team understands what it takes to make something big, move forward and make it happen. They are honored to do their part to help and appreciate those who have helped along the way.

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