5 Tips To Improve Paddle Stroke

In stand up paddle boarding, having a good paddle stroke is crucial to seeing results and improving skill level. Many of stand up paddling's top athletes stress that the paddle stroke is one of the most important, if not the most important, tool to master when paddling. We caught up with many of stand up paddling's best athletes to get some tips on how to have a great paddle stroke. See what they had to say...

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5 Tips To Improve Your SUP Race Performance

Want to know the key to success when it comes to performing well during a stand up paddle race? Look no further because we've aggregated improvement tips from some of the best SUP racers on the planet. Stepping up your game and performing at a higher level takes more than just a lot of time on the water. Here are the top 5 tips on how you can improve your performance during a SUP race.

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5 Tips To Help You Have A Successful SUP Race

With the SUP racing season right around the corner we thought it best to supply you with some tips that can help you have a successful race come race day. We checked in with the best-of-the-best stand up paddle boarding pros including Kai Lenny, Mo Freitas, Chuck Patterson, Connor Baxter, Lina Augaitis and Annabel Anderson to name a few. We took what they had to say and came up with 5 tips to help you have a successful race.

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Paddle Boarding Tips From the Pros

At one point or another we've all been beginners to the sport of stand up paddling. As one of the world's fastest growing sports, paddle boarding is seeing more and more newcomers to the sport and every newcomer could use a few lessons and tips in the art of paddle boarding. We've talked to top pros in the sport and asked them to breakdown their top tips for beginners.

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Inside The Mind With Chuck Patterson

In Ocean Minded’s effort to raise awareness for the coastal communities they sat down with Chuck and had a chat. Check out this installment of Inside the Mind.

2014 Battle of the Paddle Preview

Chuck Patterson, Colin Mcphillips, Byron Kurt and Erik Diamond gives us the lowdown on the new venue for the 2014 Battle of the Paddle in Salt Creek.

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Inside The Mind Of Chuck Patterson With Ocean Minded

SAN CLEMENTE , California - In the latest installment of Ocean Minded'swebisode series, 'Inside the Mind', viewers are treated to brand ambassador Chuck Patterson's thoughts on riding (and surviving) big waves. It's a topical issue right now, with the start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere seeing a string of massive swells and storms already.

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Supconnect Recognizes Best SUPers in the World

In 2010 Supconnect began the very first stand up paddle awards to recognize those who contributed the most and performed at the highest levels in the sport. ·This year marks the third annual Supconnect Awards and the motivation behind them remains the same.

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Chuck Patterson, Mr. Sup of the Year 2010

Here we go again. With so many exceptional watermen in the stand up paddle boarding world, one might ask why we would put ourselves in the difficult position of having to choose one and only one to be the Mr. SUP of the Year?

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Chuck Patterson Claims SUP Shootout

Chuck Patterson (Dana Point, CA), won the 2nd Annual Surftech SUP Shootout at the Lane over event rookie Zane Schweitzer (Lahaina, HI), Michael Roberts (Pacific Grove, CA) and pro kiteboarder Peter Trow (Central Coast, CA).

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