SUP Wheels Launches 'Evolution'

Steamrolling from their innovative start-up success, SUP Wheels® has kicked off 2014 with the official launch of their newest model, SUP Wheels® Evolution.

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Bear Grylls Develops Stand Up Paddle Tent

Bear Grylls, the unofficial camping and fire building champion of the universe, is developing a stand up paddle board tent concept that is set to take SUP camping to new heights.

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SUP Think Tank Launches ConnexSUP

CARLSBAD, California - The latest product to come from the crew at SUP Think Tank is their patent pending universal mounting system called ConnexSUP. The patent pending universal mounting system functions as an interface between the deck of an SUP and the burgeoning accessory market.

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Champions Choice - Nicole Pacelli's Favorite Fin

SAN DIEGO, California - Fins are one of the most crucial parts of our equipment setup, but we don't always put that much thought into what makes them tick. Without them we'd all be doing 360's on the way down a wave's face - or falling before that happens. This week we asked the new Women's Stand Up World Tour Champion, Nicole Pacelli, about her choice in fin.

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Ocean Rodeo Shares Insight On New Dry Suit

VANCOUVER ISLAND, Canada - Winter presents a tricky dynamic for paddlers. It can be difficult to strike a balance between layering up to stay warm and staying loose. To get some insight into this seasonale issue, we spoke with Dom Moore from Ocean Rodeo about the science behind OR’s thermal layers and dry suits and why they’re so effective for winter paddling in all conditions.

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SUPers Are Standing Up in Ocean Minded Gear

Beginning in 1996 Ocean Minded started providing comfortable, durable sandals for surfers and those who were inspired by coastal living. ·17 years later Ocean Minded is still providing footwear that many stand up paddlers are finding helpful for their paddling needs.

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Outdoor Retailer Demo Shows Off SUP Boards & Gear

Yesterday was the Open Air Demo at the Outdoor Retailer summer market where more paddle boards than one can imagine were lined up along the beach for those in attendance to test and try at Pineview Resevoir in Utah. Click "Read More" to see more of the latest SUP gear!

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