Bear Grylls Develops Stand Up Paddle Tent

SAN DIEGO, California - Last week we posted a question about the value of celebrities being spotted on stand up paddle boards, while a rather saucy picture of Rihanna on a board was doing the rounds via social media. This week, staying on the topic of celebs, it was reported that Bear Grylls, the unofficial outdoor living champion of Planet Earth, is developing a stand up paddle board tent concept that is set to take SUP camping to new heights.


Bear Grylls - the unnofical world champ at outdoor living

Grylls has been working with Coreban on the concept, which serves as a regular ol' paddle board by day and a one-person shelter by night. Judging by the pictures, this makes many of the places he's spent the night look like a five-star palace. While he probably isn't the first person to give this a try, having his stamp of approval will definitely take SUP camping to a massive audience and we're stoked to see such a cool cat hopping on board. We're also pretty excited to see what else he can turn a SUP into when times get tough - we've got money on him turning the paddle into a bow and arrow and the board into a hydroplane that doubles as a barbecue pit. 

Last modified onFriday, 07 August 2015 17:32

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