A Closer Look At The Unique, Beautiful, And Eco-Friendly Jarvis Boards

AUSTIN, Texas - With the explosion of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) the market has become flooded with a plethora of SUP brands and manufacturers causing a dilution of quality products, making it harder for the consumer to find something worth their investment. However, there are brands and products on the market that do offer beautiful and quality products that are something to be proud of. Case in point: Jarvis Boards.

What started as a hobby for Jarvis Boards founder Tony Smith eventually turned into a business due to the demand of his beautifully hand-crafted products. Jarvis Boards are made in the U.S.A, Austin, Texas specifically, and are locally hand-crafted, high-quality paddle boards that are made to last while minimizing environmental impacts.

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The boards are especially beautiful, which is what initially draws you in, but they are also functional, allowing paddlers to enjoy the boards in the waves, staying in shape, or just cruising around for some fun. The boards are made from a wide range of materials, including sustainably harvested wood, reclaimed lumber, recycled foam, and sometimes even leather. The boards have a foam core and have an outer layer of the reclaimed wood which is then coated with recycled bio-waste resins. Long story short; these boards are thoughtfully made with keeping the boards as environmentally friendly as possible.

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So, you’re probably thinking that these boards must be heavy due to the wood being used for the boards. Wrong! The boards are actually pretty light, with different models ranging from 22 to 28 pounds, which is just as light, if not lighter, than industry standards. Jarvis Boards offers a range a different boards including all around models, touring, surf, and even a race board. What’s especially cool are their special edition boards that offer one-of-a-kind models to keep things fresh.

With a team of highly talented craftsmen producing both beautiful and functional stand up paddle boards, Jarvis Boards proves that it’s possible to blend quality, functional and eco-friendly products all into one.

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To learn more about Jarvis Boards, see their products and more, click here.

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