20 Awesome SUP Photos From 2016


  • 1 ajlon franczyk

    Photo via: Ajlon Franczyk

  • 2 andy klotz

    Wildwater Action Rissbach Germany - Rider Klaus Cosmo Frieser and Carsten Kurmis | Photo via: Andy Klotz

  • 3 milanka linde

    Stand up Paddling with nice sundown in El Palmar, Spain | Photo via: Milanka Linde

  • 4 julie kaz

    Focus SUP surfing the Big Island of Hawaii | Photo via: Julie Kaz.

  • 5 dorota rogacz

    Cold water SUP surfing, Baltic Sea, Wladyslawowo, Poland | Photo via: Dorota Rogacz

  • 6 ingrid loevtun

    Photo via: Ingrid Loevtun

  • 8 daniel sappa

    Day trip on a river in the Norwegian Forest | Photo via: Daniel Sappa

  • 9 miguel marques

    Photo via: Miguel Marques

  • 10 sam aiken

    Ken Hoeve paddling Shoshone. | Photo via: Sam Aiken

  • 11 igor goni

    Photo via: Igor Goni

  • 12 bobby greene

    Starting the day off with a sunrise ocean paddle | Bobby Greene

  • 13 georgia zapanti

    Sup Yoga in the Greek summer sunset | Georgia Zapanti

  • 14 jessica melger

    Taken while paddleingredients the Rainbow River need the head spring. Photo cred goes to Raul Ruiz of Indigo Paddleboards in Miami. | Photo via: Jessica Melger

  • 15 ben staley

    This multi-day SUP tours offers it all. Great SUP fishing, down winding and deep water soloing. | Ben Staley

  • 16 james mowatt

    Women's Open SUP, Wrightsville Pro-Am. | Photo via: James Mowatt

  • 17 meghan roberts

    This photo, taken by Nix Souness, is me paddling along the giant glacier walls in Antarctica as a storm was rolling in with high winds. I was taking the Captain of our ship out for his first SUP paddle ever as the weather began to change. It was one of the most beautiful places I've paddled. | Photo via: Meghan Roberts

  • 18 spela zupanc

    Bananaway instructor, which is organising sup tours in Slovenia EU, explored El Nido, Palavan on her own. As you can see, location is amazing! :) | Photo via: Spela Zupanc

  • 19 vincent halimi

    Photo via: Vincent Halimi

  • 20 motoyuki tokuoka

    Sunrise in Iriomote island | Photo via: Motoyuki Tokuoka

  • 21 abe shouse

    Donica Shouse with a dry hair session. Playing aggressively on a 7'4"x25" Starboard SUP - " It's Good! " | Photo via: Abe Shouse

SAN DIEGO, California - 2016 flew by in the blink of an eye and we’re just days away from ringing in a new year. One great thing about the year coming to a close is getting to have a look back at the year and remember all that happened. Here, we’d like to have a look back at some amazing photos submitted to us throughout the year by our audience. Take a look at 20 amazing SUP photos from 2016 above.

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