Weekly Recap 4/6/2021


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5. Are You Ready For The First Virtual Stand Up Paddling Event 2021?

sup race 2021 virtual photo andy klotz

Heat Score - 61

Grab your SUP board and take part in one of the virtual SUP Spring Trophy Races from May 14th - 16th, 2021 - no matter WHEN & WHERE - paddle on the given distances to virtually compete against your SUP friends or improve your personal minimum times. Immediately after paddling, your result will be published in the viRACE app with ranking. Learn more HERE.





4. How To Become A SUP Coach

how to become a sup coach 1

Heat Score - 70

As SUP grows through its variety of disciplines, locations and SUP clubs, the requirement for good, fun and safe coaching is needed. This, more often than not, comes in the form of a SUP Coach. So, why become a coach? There are often several reasons why paddlers attend coaching courses. Read more HERE.

3. River Running Basics on a SUP

river running basics mike t

Heat Score - 78

If you’re testing the waters and interested in getting into river running you’ll need to learn the basics which include the peel out, eddy turn and ferry. Here, expert whitewater paddler Mike Tavares breaks these basics down. Learn more HERE.

2. SUP Training For Older Paddlers

sup training older paddlers

Heat Score - 84

I have always been a workout person, but since I turned 80, my workouts have become more consistent. Interval training is the best training to become faster in any sport. But, in this case we will call it Interval SUPing. It will build up strength and stamina to help you paddle faster and farther without a break. Read more HERE.

1. Paddle Into History in the Hudson Highlands

paddle boarding hudson highlands

Heat Score - 95

The Hudson River is known as “America’s First River”. It was the colonists’ first major waterway into the interior of the nation, so to paddle the Hudson is to paddle into a rich history and tradition. From Ichabod Crane to Benedict Arnold to West Point, you are on one of the most famous waterways in the world. The Hudson Highlands is where the Hudson River cuts through a section of the Appalachian Mountains. While its northernmost point is only about fifty miles south of New York City, be prepared for rugged terrain and limited access to the river. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 4 6 21

Photo via: Kate Arnott

Description: Enjoying an epic summers day paddle on the beauty GEorgian Bay in the bruce peninsula. Paddling on this beautiful water never gets old. favorite thing to do paddle and take photos.

Location: Dyers Bay, Ontario

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