Weekly Recap 08/23/2022


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5. Foil Surfing Etiquette 101

Foil Etiquette 101

Heat Score - 63

There's no doubt about it, SUP foiling is a good time. Foiling however isn't always welcome out in your local lineup as it can be pretty hazardous if the rider doesn't know what they're doing. With that said, here are some rules all SUP Foilers should follow. Read more HERE.





4. SUP In The City Of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia, PA

Paddle Boarding Philadelphia, PA

Heat Score - 75

Philadelphia is the birthplace of our nation and holds a beautiful amount of history, even when exploring on the water. It's also known as the home of Rocky, having a tough East coast exterior, and the best cheesesteaks the country has to offer. Here are some of the best SUP experiences in the area. Read more HERE.


3. SUP Surfing — Things To Know

Things To Know

Heat Score - 81

Ever wonder what you need to know when it comes to SUP surfing? Yes, the sport may look intimidating, but anyone can do it with some practice and time. Read more HERE.


2. Matching SUP With Sporting Joy: The World's Best Sporting and Paddle Boarding Locations

Matching SUP With Sporting Joy

Heat Score - 87

One great way to enjoy SUP is by taking a vacation and using the paddle board as a way to enjoy the sights, or provide a fun activity away from the main attractions. As it happens, 2022 is the year of sport, and 2023 will continue that trend—making for some excellent places to visit to enjoy sport and SUP at the same time! Read more HERE.


1. How To Get Your Kids Interested In SUP

How To Get Your Kids Interested In SUP

Heat Score - 93

If you've already tried SUP, we don't have to tell you how awesome it is. Instead, we've come up with some ideas to spark this same level of excitement and enthusiasm in your kids, letting you share the fun with all members of the family. Read more HERE.


Photo Of The Week

photo of the week

Photo via: Stuart Holmes

Location: Getares, Spain

Description: "Exploring the rock formations outside the old whaling station in the bay of Getares, Algeciras."

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