US Coast Guard Bans SUP After Tragedic Death

PORTLAND, Oregon – The US Coast Guard issued a special and immediate rulling banning stand up paddle boarding across the United States after a tragic casualty in river rapids and a mounting number of deaths from the sport. The ruling will be revisited once further assessment and studies of casualties across the country have been accounted for. It is likely that this decision will also affect the international community and serve as a precedent ruling for further banning of the sport.


But after realising that this was part of April fools day, everyone grabbed a beer, chilled out, and had lots of laughs with the prank. As part of an American tradition, on the 1st of April every year, Americans have a day typically full of pranks and this is just another one to get that lighthearted day going.


Last modified onMonday, 26 January 2015 12:02

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