Travis Grant and Terrene Black Win M2O 2013

by Erin Robbins, Staff Writer and Assistant Editor


Travis Grant winning Molokai 2 Oahu 2013 - Photo via NSP.



Terrene Black earlier in 2013

OAHU, Hawaii - Congratulations to Travis Grant (NSPFCS SUP) and Terrene Black (NSP) for winning the 2013 Molokai 2 Oahu Championships!


The 17th annual M2O (Molokai 2 Oahu) took place yesterday, Sunday, July 28th where world class male paddlers like Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, Danny Ching, Scott Gamble, Travis Grant and female paddlers such as Jenny Kalmbach, Terrene Black, Andrea Moller, Sonni Honscheid and Mariko Strickland faced off in one of the most grueling Stand Up Paddle races to date. 


This year the race was expected to have decent wind for the "downwind" race, but it never really picked up and the paddlers ended up stroking out a relatively slow and cumbersome 32 mile grind. In the end it was Grant and Black who glided in first in the SUP unlimited divisions and claimed the 2013 titles.


Grant finished the race in 4:50:17 but you can see how much slower the race was this year when compared to the course record of 4:13:26 which was set by Connor Baxter just last year in 2012.  Terrene Black completed the women's race this year with a winning time of 5:40:40 and the course record is 4:55:02 which was set by Talia Gangini-Decoite, also in 2012.


Despite the slow course and lack of wind, the race was still epic and turned into a paddle that tested fitness and required mental and emotional strength. It was very hard to know who was in the lead at times due to the very different course strategies but in the end Grant and Black earned the bragging rights. Congrats again!




1st: Travis Grant (4:50:17) Australia

2nd: Scott Gamble (5:00:53) Hawaii

3rd: Connor Baxter (5:02:02) Hawaii

4th: Kai Lenny (5:07:57) Hawaii

5th: Kaeo Abbey (5:11:48) Hawaii

6th: Luiz Guida (5:17:29) stock? Brazil

7th: Travis Baptiste (5:22:59) stock? Hawaii

8th: Eric Terrien (5:24:36) France

9th: Kody Kerbox (5:26:21) stock? Hawaii

10th: Mo Freitas (5:27:43) Hawaii



1st: Terrene Black (5:40:40) Australia

2nd: Jenny Kalmbach (5:45:22) Hawaii

3rd: Sonni Honscheid (5:52:07) Germany

4th: Andrea Moller (5:52:24) Hawaii

5th: Mariko Strickland (6:10:43) Hawaii


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