The First Removable Electric Propulsion System for SUP

ElectraFin: electric motor built into the removable fin.

SEATTLE, Washington - Stuck in a strong wind or current while trying to preserve your energy on your stand-up paddle board or just want to go further and faster? Transform your flat-water paddle boarding experience with the first removable electric propulsion for stand-up paddle boards called the ElectraFin. The ElectraFin is propelled by an electric motor built into the fin and operated by a wireless remote attached to the rider’s paddle. The wireless remote offers variable speeds, LED display and forward and reverse to customize your ride.

The system uses automotive grade 15V lithium ion batteries and travels at speeds up to 5mph. The ElectraFin battery capacity allows riders to travel for up to two hours at full speed and four hours at half speed. The battery is enclosed in a waterproof electronics case that sits on top of your paddleboard and is secured by bungee attachments. Enjoy a zero-emission, silent and safe ride. The silent motor and propeller safety ring preserves marine life and the natural experience for fellow water participants. The emergency stop safety leash automatically disconnects the motor when the rider falls from the board ensuring you’re never too far from your board. 

supconnect-electrafin-press-release-1The wireless remote attaches to your paddle and controls the speed and direction of the ElectraFin. 

The ElectraFin requires zero-modification and comes in two fin styles and mounts into most major paddle boarding brands in under one minute. Simply install the ElectraFin into your fin box just like a regular fin and immediately enjoy an electrified ride. For a limited time pre-order the ElectraFin for the Spring 2015 season at www.currentdrives.com for $1350, a $249 savings (MSRP: $1,599 USD).


The waterproof control case offers rider’s a battery capacity display, emergency stop leash, on/off toggle and bungee attachments.



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