Sup Race Wall Calendar 2012 & Photos of the Year

Kristin Thomas, in collaboration with Supconnect and Thomas Maximus, put together a wall calendar featuring standup paddle board races from around the world, organized by region and date. SUP Race Wall Calendar.


Nova Scotia, Canada at the Paddlers Atlantic SUP Cup. Photo: Josh Bula.





LAGUNA BEACH, California – If you want to have a reference frame of stand up paddle races in your region and around the world, this SUP Race Wall Calendar is a great starting point. Put together by one of the most knowledgeable and connected athletes of the sup world, this calendar can give you a quick insider look into the sport. Kristin Thomas, a local from Laguna Beach, California, worked in collaboration with Supconnect and Thomas Maximus to give paddleboarders a tool to help them organize their schedule of events. (Get a copy of the SUP Race Wall Calendar today.)

The calendar has events organized by regions and dates. Each month features a Supconnect Photo of the Year, showcasing stand up paddling around the world, in all of its forms and glory – enough to inspire you everyday to go out and paddle! The events are listed on the page of their respective month, all of them color coded to designate their region. Also on each page, there is a section for notes, so you can remind yourself of things related to the events, like who will be attending the event with you, whether you need to bring a board, etc.

This is the first comprehensive global sup race calendar in print, serving as a great complement to the online Supconnect Calendar. If some of the events in your region have not been featured, make sure to post them to the Events page on Supconnect, so future editions can keep up with the ever growing nature of the sport. To post an event, simply register on Supconnect.com under the Community tab and visit the Events page to post it. If you need any assistance posting an event or anything related to sup events, please contact Courtney at [email protected] (Get a copy of the SUP Race Wall Calendar today.)


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