Werner Paddles Reveals New SUP Surfing Paddle & How It Works

Werner Paddles team athlete Fiona Wylde rocking the new Rip Stick. Werner Paddles team athlete Fiona Wylde rocking the new Rip Stick.

SULTAN, Washington - As with our stand up paddle boards, one design won’t get it done when it comes to excelling in the variety of conditions we are faced with. It’s as natural as the salt scented air we breathe to need a quiver of boards. As SUP surfers we need to start thinking, not just about our boards, but our paddle. Why would a paddle designed for race, or versatile use be expected to perform at a high level in the surf? Werner Paddles has invested in the wave rider and has been working long and hard to develop a paddle suited just for SUP surfing. Their result: The Rip Stick. With countless hours in the R&D room and on the water, Werner Paddles introduces and explains in depth the features and highlights on the newest paddle to their SUP paddle lineup.

One feature worth noting from the Rip Stick is the double concave dihedral that was designed to give paddle surfers two distinct advantages:

  1. It creates a self-centering dynamic to give maximum stability to any stroke. You can focus on catching any wave in a perfect position without having to worry about your paddling technique.
  2. The double concave creates power pockets which allow for maximum power from a low profile blade shape and smaller overall size giving you a higher cadence without losing power.

Check out the video below from Werner Paddles and learn in-depth about the brand new Rip Stick.

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Last modified onWednesday, 27 January 2016 16:52

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