Summer Boards: The BOTE Drift Inflatable

DESTIN, Florida - BOTE have introduced a very chic new model to the 2014 range, the Drift Inflatable. This hardy,dynamic paddle board features the first ever wood inlay deck, making it Tackle Rac compatible and perfect for summer fish-cruising. We though BOTE'S description really sums it up perfectly: "This go anywhere, do anything paddle board is an uncompromising design bringing together all of the best features of our solid boards, with ease of a flexible board, and with its beautiful zebra wood deck, the BOTE Drift does it in style."


Board Specs

Dimensions: 11.5' x 32" x 6"
Weight: 27 lbs (No Gear)
Stringer: Stringerless
Capacity: Max Weight - 350 lbs
Skin: Military Grade PVC 




Last modified onTuesday, 27 January 2015 15:39

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