Starboard Introduces the NEW GEN-R: A Revolutionary Advancement in Surf Racing & Paddling

Starboard unveils their newest race board to hit their lineup: Gen-R. | Photo courtesy: Starboard / Ollie Bignell Starboard unveils their newest race board to hit their lineup: Gen-R. | Photo courtesy: Starboard / Ollie Bignell

SAN DIEGO, California – Starboard, a leading innovator in paddleboard technology, is thrilled to unveil its latest masterpiece, the Gen-R, a cutting-edge model poised to redefine the landscape of surf racing and all-around paddling. Designed to meet the demands of both seasoned athletes and SUP enthusiasts, the Gen-R offers unparalleled speed, stability, and agility, making it a must-have addition to every SUP enthusiast's arsenal.

The Gen-R emerges as a direct response to the intricate needs of surf racing and versatile paddling, catering to the precise requirements of both novices and professionals. Its meticulously engineered features elevate it as a bridge between the flat-water Sprint model and the open ocean All Star model, revolutionizing performance in various conditions. Youth riders, in particular, will relish its exceptional speed and user-friendly design.

starboard gen r launch photo wissanuPhoto courtesy: Starboard / Wissanu

Pro team riders and water sports icons have embraced the Gen-R with overwhelming enthusiasm. "We have been missing this board in the lineup for a while and I'm really happy to have it back," expressed Connor Baxter, a pro team rider for Starboard. "The nose is going to slice through any chops and debris like butter," he added, underscoring the board's remarkable capabilities.

Michael Booth, another Starboard pro team rider, proclaimed, "It's the board that I'll be using in the technical races. It's super stable and reacts really well to those bumps. It's a fantastic board." These sentiments were echoed by Noic Garioud, Starboard team rider, who described the Gen-R as tailor-made for downwinding, upwinding, and technical racing.

Key Features that Redefine Performance:

  • NEW FAST ACCELERATION: The Gen-R's low nose rocker and narrow nose outline deliver unprecedented acceleration and efficiency on flat waters. This is pivotal for technical racing, buoy turns, and explosive sprints after buoy turns.
  • NEW CONTROLLED TURNING AND STABILITY FROM THE TAIL: With a wider tail outline and flat deck, the Gen-R offers exceptional comfort, movement, and stability during turns.
  • NEW THINNER PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT BUILD: A central design criterion, the Gen-R is expertly crafted for a thinner profile, enhancing acceleration, beach starts, and performance in various water conditions.
  • NEW SLICING NOSE: The narrow nose outline and lower nose rocker ensure efficient slicing on flat waters and ocean bumps, while the extended waterline amplifies acceleration and glide.
  • NEW OPTIMIZED NOSE VOLUME: Designed to tackle medium ocean chop, surf, and technical racing, the Gen-R boasts a thinner nose volume, differentiating it from the All Star by approximately 4cm.
  • NEW SEMI-RECESSED DECK: Engineered for stability, the slightly lowered standing tray is balanced by low side walls, facilitating beach starts and re-entry onto the board.
  • NEW ROUND RAILS: Soft, round rails spanning the length of the board create balance in choppy waters and predictability in surf and downwind conditions.
  • NEW FLAT BOTTOM: The flat bottom enhances speed and predictability across various conditions, from surf to sprints.
  • NEW WIDE TAIL: A wide tail with a sharp release ensures ease of turning and remarkable control in the surf.
  • NEW 10” FIN BOX: A first for Starboard's race models, the 10” fin box offers adjustability to fine-tune rider fin preference, catering to different racing scenarios.
  • NEW PREPREG CARBON FIN: Featuring ultra-lightweight 3k pre-impregnated carbon biax, the fin guarantees super stiffness and exceptional performance. The sharp 0.4mm trailing edge optimizes hydrodynamics.

starboard gen r launch photo trevor tunningtonPhoto courtesy: Starboard / Trevor Tunnington

Availability and More Information:

The Gen-R is available in 5 different sizes/widths, catering to a diverse range of paddlers. For more information, specifications, and purchasing details, please visit Starboard's official website.

About Starboard:
Starboard is a pioneering brand in paddleboard technology, renowned for its relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. With a portfolio spanning various disciplines of paddleboarding, Starboard remains at the forefront of industry advancements, shaping the future of water sports for enthusiasts and athletes worldwide. For more information, please visit www.star-board.com.

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