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Photo courtesy: Starboard / Klotz Photo courtesy: Starboard / Klotz

The past year has caused countless disruptions and challenged every person and every business around the world. The team at Starboard has worked incredibly hard to overcome these challenges, working on their mission to create the best paddle boards in the world, that are better for the environment. So without further adieu, let us introduce some highlights to the new 2022 Starboard SUP range!

10x Climate Positive

starboard sup 2022 1Photo courtesy: Starboard

For every board sold, Starboard plants a mangrove tree, which absorbs one ton of CO2 over 20 years. In addition, their team picks up 1.1 kg of ocean plastic trash through their Plastic Offset Program. To-date, they’ve planted 1 million mangrove trees and picked up 200,000 kg of plastics! To this point, Starboard is being transparent of their climate footprint by adding a Climate Footprint And Plastic Content Disclosure on every hard board in shops and on their product pages online.

In addition, since 2018, Starboard is a B-Certified company which means they meet extremely strict standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


starboard sup 2022 inflatablePhoto courtesy: Starboard

For 2022, Starboard is introducing two very interesting new inflatables: the iCON and Wall models. These inflatables will continue to utilize Starboard's Welded Rail Technology. This technology mechanically bonds the rail layers to prevent any leaks by sealing the deck and bottom of the board at the rail, which is critical for leaking.

The iCON

The iCON inflatable from Starboard is the first inflatable standup paddle board with concave on the market. The concave shape on the deck allows you to stand closer to the water for more control, and the catamaran-style hull creates further stability. The thick rails around the 4.75” standing area provide you with secondary stability in choppy conditions and give you a ridge to place your feet against if necessary. This new technology has been applied on your all-time favorite shapes: iGO and Touring.

starboard sup 2022 icon starboard sup 2022 wall

Pictured: New Icon model (left) and Wall model (right). | Photo courtesy: Starboard

The Wall

The new Wall inflatable follows the concept of Starboard's composite race boards, where the standing area is recessed and therefore closer to the water surface. By standing closer to the water level, the board feels more stable, especially in windy conditions. This allows you to save energy and be comfortable on a more narrow / faster board.

Hard Boards

Starboard will be introducing a few new hard board models for 2022, a new touring board, foil board, wing board and even a limited edition board. See highlights on each below:


The all new Touring paddle board is suited for all skill levels that want the fastest glide to paddle distances quickly with comfortable stability and the option to carry gear along the journey. The nose shape is inspired by the Sprint, Starboard's most winning SUP board giving you the smoothest and most efficient glide with minimal splash. The board features Starboard's trademark shoulder carry straps option, various mount options, the bungee tie-downs and the lower storage area on your next adventure. Word on the street is that the 14’0” x 28” is pretty much as fast as their largest All Star (racing model) and a favorite amongst their testers.

starboard sup 2022 touringPhoto courtesy: Starboard 

Take Off

The Take Off is the Foiler’s board of choice for anything Wing, Foil Surf, Foil downwind and more. A true all-round Foil board that caters for first-time flyers to experienced foilers. This is a completely new concept through and through with all new bottom shape, release edges, rocker, volume and outline. This board just won 2x world champion titles from GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Morocco.

starboard sup 2022 take offPhoto courtesy: Starboard


The new Wingboard range takes design inspiration from Starboard's high-performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards – combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind. The aim of the wingboard is to give you maximum performance in a small size while catering to your level, from beginner to expert. 

starboard sup 2022 wing

Limited Series Construction

The Limited Series Construction is a new construction offered on their Surf SUPs. The construction is to be offered at a very competitive price point, while maintaining solid performance in the surf, without sacrificing the weight or strength. The construction has been approved after testing in Portugal, Israel and Thailand, combining a wide range of conditions in wave types and climate differences.

“I wanted to create a timeless iconic look, unlike anything in the market, totally unique, yet clean and classic.” Ollie O’Reilly, Starboard R&D manager said.

starboard sup 2022 lmited series construction

2022 products will be arriving at dealers shortly. Many items may not be listed online, so with this in mind, we strongly encourage you to contact with your local dealer to find the product you are looking for. To check out more of what's new for 2022, head to Starboard's website HERE.

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