Rogue SUP All Waters Stand Up Paddleboard


MSRP: $1499 to $1599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP



MSRP: $1499 to $1599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP




MSRP: $1499 to $1599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP



Rogue SUP “All Waters” are designed and shaped to paddle gracefully in flat water and perform equally well in surf up to head high. If you were to have only one board to do it all, this would be it! Slight concave in the nose to double barrel concave in the tail allow the water to enter and exit the board efficiently while maintaining maximum stability. All our “All Waters” come with a deck pad, handle, FUTURE fin boxes and a “Care Free” pressure vent.


MSRP: $1499 to $1599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP



Equipment: Stand Up Paddleboard

Equipment Use: All Around

MSRP: $1499 to $1,599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP

Length: 10', 11' and 12'

Width: 29" and 30"

Weight: n / a

Thickness: 4.25", 4.31" and 4.5"

Fin Setup: Future Fin Boxes

Other.1: Center Handle

Other.2: Comes with Deck Pad

Construction: Wood Veneer/PVC Insert/Epoxy SUP Construction

Manufacturer: Click Here to Contact


MSRP: $1499 to $1599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP


All-Waters-blackbeard-rogue-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-sup3 All-Waters-HONU-rogue-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-sup11
All-Waters-HONU-rogue-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-sup12 All-Waters-blackbeard-rogue-sup-stand-up-paddle-board-sup6


MSRP: $1499 to $1599 - VISIT ROGUE SUP



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