How the StereoActive is A Perfect Accessory For Your Paddle Board

stereoactive features 6Clearly the StereoActive isn't afraid of the water. | Photo courtesy: Fusion

SAN DIEGO, California - In a market where there are endless crossovers and options for add ons to your paddle board it can sometimes be hard to find an accessory that is a great addition to your time on the water. The Fusion StereoActive is one accessory that you will no doubt love as it has a number of features that are geared precisely for the stand up paddler. Here are 5 features of the StereoActive that make it a perfect accessory for your paddle board:

1. Waterproof

As is key for your time on the water having something that is waterproof is the ideal option for accessories. The StereoActive is just that and works great on the water.

2. Designed with the Paddle in Mind

stereoactive features 1 stereoactive features 5

Photos courtesy: Fusion

The navigation on the StereoActive is uniquely designed for the standup paddler. How so? Rather than having to bend over to change the settings, fast-forward, pause, play, etc. The buttons are designed to be pressed by the blade of your paddle. The paddle blade fits perfectly in between each button and can easily be changed without bending over and using your fingers. Talk about convenient!

3. Floats

One huge plus on this stereo is that it floats! Yep, you heard that right. If it somehow falls off your board you don’t have to stress because the StereoActive floats all on its own. There aren’t many other stereos out there with the quality of sound that the StereoActive has AND floats.

4. Gear Storage

stereoactive featuresKeep your phone and keys safe AND dry. | Photo courtesy: Fusion

The StereoActive connects with an complimentary accessory called the Fusion ActiveSafe. This will connect right underneath your stereo and holds small valuables like your phone and keys. The ActiveSafe floats and is completely watertight so you don’t have to worry about the valuables inside getting wet.

5. Mobile

When you’re not on the water the Stereoactive is awesome and can be used anywhere! Take it to the pool or jacuzzi, set it up in the backyard, take it to the park, etc. and just hook up the bluetooth and have your favorite tunes follow you wherever you go. The StereoActive has an accessory called a puck that allows you to mount the stereo in tons of places.

While there are tons of awesome accessories on the market the Fusion StereoActive is among our top picks of accessories to have with you on your day-to-day paddles. It floats, it’s waterproof, it works perfectly with your paddle and you can take it anywhere! Win, win. To learn more about the Fusion StereoActive check them out here.

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