SIC Maui Releases New Performance Surf Board Models for 2017

Kody Kerbox surfing the SIC Maui Triton board during the 2017 APP Sunset Beach Pro. | Photo: Brian Bielmann Kody Kerbox surfing the SIC Maui Triton board during the 2017 APP Sunset Beach Pro. | Photo: Brian Bielmann

SAN CLEMENTE, California - SIC Maui announces the release of their new recreational surf / cruisers in its Agent, Feelgood models. For the surfer looking for higher performance, this call has been answered in the Triton and Venus Surf Series boards. These sure to be classics are the latest additions to the SIC Maui paddleboard lineup.

“We are excited to about our 2017 surf series lineup,” said Anthony Scaturro, President and CEO of SIC Maui.

“The Agent and Feelgood models offer tremendous versatility from cruising lakes and harbors to venturing into knee to head high waves. The volumes and widths provide stability without sacrificing maneuverability. The overall outline, volume distribution and rocker-line are the perfect design blend that glide through the water, tack and turn with ease.”

Venus / Triton Series

sicmaui surfseries triton

Paddling in heavy surf conditions means trusting your equipment and being one with your board. The new Venus and Triton Performance Surf models were conceived during one of the heaviest winters on Maui. The protos were put through the paces in some of the most critical of conditions. The goal was always to push harder on R and D to come up with a shape and outline specific to performance surfing. The outcome is something we could not be more proud of, something as sexy as it is functional.

“The Triton and Venus were designed with absolute performance surf in in mind,” said Scaturro.

“These boards are smaller in size but have a very nice blend of volume and width to get you out through the shorebreak. The outline and rocker-line are progressive and on wave carry tremendous speed, are lively and agile and will never let you down. You can run these boards as thrusters or quads depending on conditions and your style of surfing.”

The Venus and Triton feature SIC’s new GCC (Glass Carbon Composite) construction. They have reinforced these glass and wood sandwich constructions with carbon in the standing area and in a stringer on the bottom of the board. They have also reinforced the rail with a commingled carbon and Innegra™ layer to protect against paddle blade impact. These lightweight boards are built to withstand the punishment of pounding surf and remain responsive over the life of the board. The nose of these models is more pulled in than the Feelgood and Agent boards to help hold a line on steeper faces. The single to double concave finishes with a five fin setup using FCS II fin boxes so that you can surf it either as a thruster or quad. The rounded pin tail means fast rail to rail performance on steep faces. Our new deck pads feature a four piece, custom EVA kick pad to keep you locked into your board and driving through your turns.

Feelgood / Agent Series

sicmaui surfseries feelgood

The new Feelgood and Agent all around cruisers are the go to boards in the line for any type of paddling scenario. These boards were designed with fun in mind. Whether it is flat water paddling or catching a few fun ones at your local break, these versatile boards will perform in all conditions. SIC Maui has created a large range of lengths, widths and volume to accommodate any type of rider.

Their new GC+ construction features a light-weight wood and glass sandwich construction with Innegra™ laid into the rails for strength and durability to protect against paddle impact. All boards come with the popular EZ Grab handle that makes carrying your equipment a breeze and two leash plugs to ensure safety. SIC Maui updated their EVA decking and have added an EVA kick pad to all models to ensure you stick those bottom turns. And lastly they have updated their fin setups, now proudly featuring FCS II fin boxes in their five fin and 2 + 1 setup combinations. These dynamic and simple to use fin boxes are compatible with both FCS II and FCS I fins (FCS I fins supplied with board).

sicmaui surfseries agent

For 2017, that original drive to chase swell was directed into SIC Maui’s surf line. SIC Maui rebuilt the line from the bottom up and in true SIC fashion, spent countless hours obsessing over design and execution, and they tested their ideas extensively until they were happy. SIC spent time getting back to swell and stoke. The result is something uniquely SIC that is as beautiful to look at as it is to ride. The Agent features the same technologies as it’s sister model “The Feelgood” making this one of the most versatile options in the line, emphasizing both stability and glide. With a variety of sizes, generous widths, volumes, and multiple fin configurations, the Agent is the perfect fit for any paddler and will quickly become your new go-to board for most conditions.

About SIC Maui

SIC is the stand up paddling industry’s premiere manufacturer of high quality, race proven stand up paddleboards and accessories. Founded on the island of Maui and cultivated on a legacy of world class open ocean racing, SIC is an authentic stand up paddleboard maker proud to lay claim to a heritage of designing the most winning board. Share together with our team of elite athletes, brand ambassadors and customers around the globe. Five Star Performance is our motto and we wear it with pride each day through our commitment to extending the SIC experience on and off the water to our growing family. SIC is committed to delivering the very best paddling can offer; for any condition, discipline or ability level. For more information please visit www.sicmaui.com

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