Sharks Join Surfers & Paddlers In Florida


NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida - Two weeks ago we shared footage of a Great White meandering through a crowded lineup in Southern California. That blew our minds a little bit. Now more recently, over Memorial Day Weekend, Steve Anest was out at New Smyrna Inlet with his wife when a group of sharks came to join the action. Granted it wasn't Great Whites, but there were about a dozen cartilaginous brethren weaving in-between the surfers and paddlers without much of a fuss.


Videos like this only reinforce the notion that sharks are greatly misunderstood. They're not simple killers and we're certainly not their intended targets.


Video Description:

Water was very clear at NSB inlet today, we witnessed a large group of sharks swimming around the shoreline and through the surfers. I happen to have my camera with me and videoed this group of about 10 to 15 sharks. 

The sharks were anywhere from 3-5 feet in length and were not overly aggressive towards the surfers. The sharks appeared to be a mix of different types.

This event lasted for about 45 minutes and was truly amazing!

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