Monumental 15th Annual Supconnect Awards Launches

SAN DIEGO, California - Supconnect is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated 15th Annual Supconnect Awards. For over a decade and a half, these prestigious awards have celebrated outstanding contributions to the stand-up paddle industry and continue to set the benchmark for recognition in the sport.

Established in 2010, the Supconnect Awards were created to honor individuals whose exceptional efforts transcend mere athletic achievements. As the pioneering awards in the stand-up paddle industry, they distinguish themselves by not solely prioritizing competitive performance. Instead, they aim to cultivate inspirational role models for the youth, ensuring the sport's vitality for generations to come. Furthermore, the awards recognize exceptional brands, products, and shops that set new standards of excellence, serving as exemplars for the industry.

In contrast to traditional accolades, Supconnect Awards nominees and winners embody the all-embracing culture of the sport, characterized by friendly camaraderie, inspiring narratives, and, of course, impressive skills.

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In the 2024 edition, Supconnect will continue to present coveted categories, including Supconnect Man/Woman/Grom of the Year, alongside industry-specific distinctions such as Brand of the Year, Shop of the Year, and Gear of the Year. The complete roster of awards for 2024 includes:

The rigorous selection process for the Supconnect Awards involves the dedicated Supconnect staff, the SUP Industry, and an esteemed advisory board comprising knowledgeable figures from the stand-up paddle community. Nominees for the Supconnect Awards, whether athletes or brands and shops are assessed based on four key criteria:

  • Ambassadorship: Exemplifying the sport's spirit of inclusivity and enthusiasm.
  • Involvement: Active participation in events, community engagement, and a pulse on the sport's evolution.
  • Performance: Demonstrating skill and expertise in the sport, without a strict emphasis on competitive results.
  • Support: Garnering a following and votes that validate credibility within the community.

The brands, shops, and sales reps selected for the Supconnect Awards undergo the same rigorous scrutiny, with an additional focus on product quality and exceptional customer service.

The awards process comprises two pivotal phases: open nominations and the final selection of nominees, culminating in the announcement of the deserving winners. With a global talent pool spanning diverse locations, the task of selecting a limited number of nominees in each category was arduous, yet the committee has curated a remarkable lineup of athletes, brands, sales representatives, shops, and products for this year's awards.

In stark contrast to awards that may seem exclusive or self-serving, the Supconnect Awards actively seek out extraordinary talents wherever they may be found. Whether it's the unsung hero, the rising star, or the dedicated production manager crafting exceptional equipment, these awards aim to celebrate the remarkable contributions within the stand-up paddle community.

Without further ado, the 15th Annual Supconnect Awards are officially underway! Stay tuned for the winners' announcement in early August.

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