Lahui Kai Congratulates Annabel Anderson And Kelly Margetts

Annabel Anderson and Kelly Margetts did incredible at the 2016 Carolina Cup. | Photo Courtesy: Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club Annabel Anderson and Kelly Margetts did incredible at the 2016 Carolina Cup. | Photo Courtesy: Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, North Carolina - All of us in the Lahui Kai family would like to congratulate Annabel Anderson and Kelly Margetts on their amazing finishes at this year’s Carolina Cup. The grueling 13.2 mile, 2+ hour long paddle board race took our very own Annabel Anderson to yet another 1st place victory, securing that title again for the 4th year in a row! This girl can’t be stopped. Kelly battled hard with the world’s best paddlers and took home a strong 5th place! 

Over the past few years the Lahui Kai R+D team of Brian Szymanski, and John Becker, have been hard at work on new designs that were forecasted to shave minutes off of finish times. The Carolina Cup was the maiden voyage of one of these designs. This was seen first hand as Annabel finished over 5 minutes faster than every women in her class, including Candice Appleby, who took first in last years Pacific Paddle Games, with Annabel taking 2nd. I think its safe to say the R+D team was successful with the 12’6” sled that Annabel so lovingly has nicknamed, Pinky…she even gave Pinky a kiss at the finish as she carried her over the finish line instead of leaving her in the shore break.

annabel anderson 2016 carolina cup champ annabel anderson 2016 carolina cup finish line

Annabel Anderson during and after the race. | Photos: Onit.Pro / Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club

Kelly took Pinky on a few practice sprints and agreed with Annabel that it was the fastest board they have ever been on. With these results and endorsements in hand, we are ready to bring this new prototype to market in the coming year and will be sure to keep you posted. Szymanski and Becker are also hard at work on a new rough water board so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well. Over the next few months, Kelly will be testing out a new prototype as well. Kelly and Annabel will be touring with these new models at events near you. Don’t be shy and be sure to talk shop with these two gladiators if you see them.

Again, congrats to you both, you deserve it!

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