Kai Lenny & Mo Freitas SUP Peahi

kai lenny jaws 2016Kai Lenny taming the beast, otherwise known as Jaws. | Photo: Dan Taylor / Destination360.com

MAUI, Hawaii - El Niño has been kind to surfers this winter season. With what seems like back-to-back-to-back swells there is nonstop fun for the wave riding stand up paddlers. Pro stand up paddle athletes Kai Lenny (Naish) and Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) are just a couple of the guys that have been benefitting from these recent swells and they have been getting some time in at the infamous Peahi, a.k.a Jaws.

While Kai is what you could call a regular out at Peahi, Mo experienced the power and beauty of one of the most famous waves in the world for the first time earlier this month and he had the helpful hand of Kai Lenny showing him the ropes.

Take a look at the video below filmed by PureDigitalMaui featuring Kai and Mo catching some larger-than-life rides at the always intimidating, Peahi.

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Last modified onWednesday, 20 January 2016 11:54

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