Join Top SUP Athletes Paddling For Raelyn This Weekend

SAN DIEGO, California - Just before Christmas we published a story that Shane Perrin brought to our attention. He told us about Raelyn Beckler, the four year old daughter of Greg (an avid paddler) and Rebecca Beckler, who have been fighting for their daughter's life since February 2012, after she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. As parents, they've sacrificed everything to keep her and themselves going through the monthly trauma of chemo therapy and the dire side-affects it has on a child Raelyn's age. Alongside from the emotional storms they've endured as a family, it has also been a financial burden beyond reason.


Shane challenged the greater SUP community to join him in paddling for her this coming Martin Luther King Day - January, 20th. While he will be participating in a 24 Hour Ultra-Skate, competing as a land paddler with his trusty Billy Lush board and Perrin-Elite carbon paddle, Shane asked that others arrange their own events and pledge a dollar for every mile paddled for her cause. It's not asking much. If you and five friends get together and head to your local spot for a three mile paddle, that's $18 raised for her. If you get ten friends together, that's $30. But the more people you invite and the further you push yourselves, the bigger the pot.

Since Shane's initial call for action, a selection of other paddlers have stepped up to organize their own events, which you can either join or support. See details below:


Freezin' For A Reason

Athlete/Organizer: Jodelle Fitzwater

Details: "As I saw some other SUP ambassadors form an event on Martin Luther King day to raise as much as we can to defer costs, I decided to join the fight! I will paddle on Table Rock Lake on 1/20/14 (MLK day) as far as I can go as long as I can go and I ask that you will pledge whatever you can to help me paddle for her battle! 

How To Get Involved: To make a pledge, email: jodellefitzwater@gmail.com

Please send checks made out to: Greg Beckler to my PO box: 
PO BOX 581
Kimberling City, MO 

"As someone looking to adopt, I can't imagine the heart-ache it would be to see my child suffer from such a horrible disease. My heart breaks Greg and Rebecca and I will be paddling and praying for both them and Raelyn."  
For more information visit www.facebook.com/paddleforherbattle OR www,paddleforherbattle.com

This coming Saturday, Jodelle and Shane will be speaking to Stoke Radio about their events, so tune in to lesarn more.


Stand Up for Raelyn - Lido Lap(s) to Lick Leukemia

Athlete/Organizer: Kristen Thomas

Details: A fun paddle for a great cause. All levels are welcome for this family-friendly event.

When: 20 January at 09:00 until 21 January at 13:00

How To Get Involved: James Pribram, David Vanderveen & Kristin Thomas will be hosting the Stand Up Paddle charity event on Jan. 20, MLK Monday

Our paddle will be just one of many happening all over the US and internationally, coordinated by Distance Paddler, Shane Perrin.

We'd love to suggest you make a contribution of any amount directly to help the family whether or not you're paddling, or consider getting sponsors for your lap(s)

More details here.


Raelyn Beckler's "Paddle Royale" Event from Team WillPower

Athlete: Will Schmidt

Details: The South OC event will take place on Monday, January 20th 2014 (Martin Luther King Day). We plan on meeting at the mouth of Dana Point Harbor at 8am on this day and paddling North up the coastline to Newport Harbor where we will join forces with Kristin Thomas' Lido Laps fundraiser paddle for Raelyn. I am inviting anyone and everyone to rally around us and paddle a mile, 2 miles, 10 miles, or simply meet up with us when we arrive in Newport Harbor to paddle Laps around Lido Isle with Kristin Thomas, Rob Rojas, and other SUP leaders for what promises to be a day of fun, hope, and inspiration! Greg and I can be tracked via SPOT Satellite throughout our trek over to Newport so paddlers can find us from anyplace if they desire to join. (Tracking info can be accessed through a clickable SPOT Tracking button on my website, AreYouInspiredYet.com) Pending how she is feeling, Raelyn and her mother will be present on our escort vessel, Dawn Treader III, which has been donated to us by her skipper, Monique Vigeant. If little Raelyn is not feeling up to it, she will simply meet us in Newport Harbor upon our arrival. The event is going to be filmed and conglomerated with every other fundraiser worldwide on this day to make a video of the experience. There is NO FEE to join us and this is NOT a race. Simply a gathering of hearts attempting to make a difference. To top it all off, we will present Greg and family with a check from our fundraisers during another Team WillPower public event on February 8th. (More info to come)

When: 20 January at 08:00

How To Get Involved: I am asking three things of all of you. 1) Follow this link to donate and help our friends.  2) Share their story and links on your Website, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Blog, Carrier Pigeons, etc.  3) Join us OR Kristin Thomas's Lido Laps event on January 20th as we kick off the flagship events of a worldwide gathering of support!

More Information: www.youcaring.com/


Supconnect Community Paddle 

Organization: Supconnect

Details: Members of the Supconnect team will be meeting at Bonita Cove Park, Mission Bay (the same venue as the upcoming Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge) at 10 a.m. on Monday, January 20 (Martin Luther King Day), to paddle for Raelyn. All are welcome to join us and pledge a dollar for every mile we go. Feel free to drop in or stick around for the whole paddle. This is an open invitation to anybody who feels gathering for a good cause and a good time. 

How To Get Involved: Simply show at at Mission Bay next Monday and join us. If you have any questions, drop us a line via Facebook.


Directions from I-5 South

Take I-5 South

Take exit 21 to merge onto Sea World Dr/Tecolote Rd

Continue to follow Sea World Dr (1.9 mi)

Merge onto W Mission Bay Dr via the ramp to Ingraham St/Mission Beach (0.3 mi)

Take the ramp onto W Mission Bay Dr (1.5 mi)

Turn left at into parking lot at Mariners Way


Directions from I-5 North

Take I-5 North

Take the exit onto I-8 W toward Beaches (1.3 mi)

Take the W Mission Bay Dr/Sports Arena Blvd exit (0.4 mi)

Turn right at W Mission Bay Dr/Sports Arena Blvd

Continue to follow W Mission Bay Dr (0.7 mi)

Take the ramp onto W Mission Bay Dr (1.5 mi)

Turn left into parking lot at Mariners Way


Directions from I-8 West

Take I-8 W

Take the W Mission Bay Dr/Sports Arena Blvd exit (0.4 mi)

Turn right at W Mission Bay Dr/Sports Arena Blvd

Continue to follow W Mission Bay Dr (0.7 mi)

Take the ramp onto W Mission Bay Dr (1.5 mi)

Turn left into parking lot at Mariners Way



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