Huntington Beach Sees Snow

A hail storm hit Huntington Beach leaving it looking like a Winter Wonderland. A hail storm hit Huntington Beach leaving it looking like a Winter Wonderland.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California - As a storm hit Southern California over the weekend and through today, there was some much needed rainfall and snowfall to hit the state. Oddly enough, Huntington Beach was one of the places to get hit with a wintery breeze and it hailed so much so that the city and beaches looked as if it had received a light snowfall. Local paddle boarders and surfers have gone bananas after seeing and hearing the news. Pirate Coast Paddle posted a photo on Instagram about the event, as did local pro surfer Brett Simpson.

The U.S. Los Angeles National Weather Service reported about a half inch of hail to fall and cover the city in pea-sized balls of ice. Surrounding cities such as Long Beach also experienced the hail storm as shown in the video below.

Some of the photos to have surfaced show Huntington Beach covered in what looks like a blanket of snow. See the photos below. Also, see more photos from KTLA here.

huntington beach sees snow 1 huntington beach snow

Huntington Beach looking more like winter than ever. | Photo Courtesy: KTLA.

Were you in the area and able to witness this awesome event? Share your photos with us and let us know your experience!


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