Glide Among Fastest Growing SUP Manufacturers


Glide Sup truly does have a board for every type of paddling including indestructible boards! 






SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Do you know about the thriving ecosystem of Glide SUP enthusiasts across the country and the globe? ·If not, then the Glide SUP buyers, dealers, retailers and team riders want to introduce you and the rest of the stand up paddle world to their passion and loyalty in SUP. ·In fact, there is so much passion that Glide is currently one of the fastest growing manufacturers of Stand Up Paddleboards in the world!


Glide SUP feels that they have achieved such rapid growth for a variety of reasons.  One of them is the fact that they have a very versatile product line with everything from performance boards to indestructible boards that work really well for rental fleets. Glide truly does have a board for every type of paddling.  From recreational flat-water to high adrenaline whitewater, surf, race and yoga - you name it, they have it. Glide even makes multi-purpose boards that do it all! 


Another core aspect of Glide SUP growth is the fact that they have very compelling price points and can produce product quickly.  Glide SUP controls every phase of the manufacturing process from their Salt Lake City, Utah factory and not a single element of the production cycle is outsourced.  Their inspired designs are 100% "Made in the USA" which helps make it possible for them to have the ability to keep up with the high demand of this rapidly growing industry.  Glide honestly feels that no order is to large or to small.


The people running the show at Glide SUP also have a lot to do with their success.  As co-founder of Glide and VP of Design, Ken Driscoll is one of those people that almost make you physically ill because they love their job so much.  Scott Knorp, VP of Operations, is a five decade old man who is able to wield his prodigious skills in the area of American commerce to the benefit of Glide.  When the opportunity presented itself to become part owner of the fastest growing line of SUP boards in the industry, Knorp began to giggle in nervous bursts.  And finally, Ken Apperson, who is VP of Marketing for Glide, is easily the worst swimmer in primate history but has found that SUP is the first sport involving water that he can truly love.  This in turn helps Apperson succeed with his trademark ability to sell items for more money than those same items were purchased.  Together they are a talented and winning team.


Please take all the great information shared above and spare a minute to visit the new Glide SUP website.  Have fun exploring the vast array of paddleboards and information that is available. It's time to really get to know them and find out what's in it for you! Click here: Glide SUP Website


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