Casper Steinfath Hit by Snowstorm in First Week Around Denmark

Casper Steinfath at Grenen top of Denmark Credits Red Bull Media House Kasper BøtternCasper launching on his Great Danish Paddle. | Photo: Red Bull Media House / Kasper Bottern

SKAGEN, Denmark - Sun on a blue and clear sky, no wind and calm water. Storm. Sidewind and waves. Headwind. And even a four-hour-long snowstorm in April. Casper Steinfath had experienced all kinds of weather during the first week of his Great Danish Paddle, the 1400 KM tour around Denmark on the first-ever SUP circumnavigation.

"I only need to paddle in a tornado and in fog to experience all kinds of weather," Casper Steinfath says from Skagen - the small fishing and tourist city at the very top of Denmark.

Stiff resistance from Mother Nature

Casper Steinfath snowstorm Credits Red Bull Media House Kasper BøtternCasper paddling in the harsh conditions. | Photo: Red Bull Media House / Kasper Bottern

He knew it would be rough to paddle around Denmark. It is a journey of 1,400 kilometers that will take somewhere in the ballpark of 40 to 50 days. The oceans around his hometown Klitmøller in Cold Hawaii, are one of the World's most unpredictable seas. But he is still surprised by how much resistance Mother Nature gave.

"I'm smashed. I know Skagerrak very well because I've paddled it since I was a kid. I paddled across the ocean in 2018 when I paddled to Norway. But I'm still surprised and learned to be humble. These adventures with Mother Nature can be the most rewarding and challenging undertakings. Personally, I want to see if I have what it takes to break the code and make it around Denmark on a SUP. And solving that equation definitely means suffering some storms and bad weather at some point," says Casper Steinfath.

Sitting at the top of Denmark with 210 kilometers behind him and around 1.200 to go, he is confident that he will make it all the way. He had planned to do it in 40 or 50 days - but is ready to spend more days at the water to get back to Klitmøller.

Join Casper

Casper Steinfath Starten på Danmark Rundt Credits Kasper BøtternJoin Casper on his journey! | Photo: Red Bull Media House / Kasper Bottern

One of his goals is to invite all Danes to row, paddle or sail with him. Only a few fellow Vikings have dared to follow him in the rough conditions. The forecast is telling about much easier conditions for the days to come and he hopes for more company when the weather gets better.

"Just one person on one board will make me happy. You can join along whenever you like, for however long you like. I dream of being joined by an armada of sailing, paddling, or rowing Vikings through the Danish spring landscape because it can get a little lonely out there," says Casper Steinfath.

It's straightforward to follow his new adventure. Everyone around the world can follow his trip on a live GPS, and every day, he makes a Captain's Log on his social media with first-hand descriptions from today's stage. Check it out here

Steinfath aims to paddle about 40 kilometres a day. He will be paddling on a regular 14' SUP Naish Maliko board with extra straps for gear. He fills waterproof bags with a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cooking set, and a lunch box with oatmeal, coffee, sweets, a couple of Red Bulls and ready-made meal packages.

route week1

More updates from the Great Danish Paddle to come soon.

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