BOTE Board Releases 2014 Catalogue

DESTIN, Florida - BOTE Board has just released their highly anticipated 2014 Catalogue. This year is shaping up to be the biggest for BOTE, who will be showcasing their new Fish, Paddle and Surf SUP's at the Surf Expo trade Show in Orlando this week, from January 9-11, 2014. The 2014 catalogue takes you through the construction processes of BOTE's new range of Surf, Fish, Yoga and Race Boards, which have been broken up into the following three innovative techniques/materials:


Chainmail - Strong, light, Fast

"Medieval suits of armor were the inspiration when we began to develop the chain mail weave pattern, combining the strength and weight saving properties of carbon fibre and the pliability and durability of innegra (a polymer fibre), our chain mail construction provides the strongest and lightest boards in the line-up."

Classic - Timeless, Style, Classic

"The wood inlays of our classic's category are what make these boards one of the most popular styles in the industry. not only does the wood provide an aesthetic quality, it also adds to the strength of these boards. The classic boards will endure the test of time."

Native - Unique, Personal, Cool

"The native category contains some of the most unique boards we offer. Artistic paint schemes combines with a commingles fiberglass/innegra construction, make these boards not only visually appealing but also incredibly light."



Click here to see the full BOTE Board 2014 Catalogue 


"'Stand Apart' is our motto and that's in design, lifestyle and brand. We are a stand up paddle brand, we are a lifestyle brand, we are racers, we are surfers, we are anglers, we are industry leaders and we are technical innovators. WE ARE BOTE."


The technical innovations are what allow us to stand apart, from designing the world's first fishing specific stand up board to creating a proprietary carbon/innegra weave, BOTE continues to push our sport forward. These innovations allow our customers to paddle faster, further and with purpose. Just a few specific differences…."



Founded in 2009 by Magda and Corey Cooper, BOTE's roots were very modest. BOTE literally grew from the simple concept of developing a stand-up paddle board that is designed to be fished from–a board that would justly serve fisherman, surfers and paddle enthusiasts alike.



Create the most versatile watercraft on the market. A paddle board that is lightweight, stable, stealthy and hydro-dynamically efficient for a great paddle experience. The board must be versatile enough to accommodate the lifestyles of fishermen, paddle surfers, and fitness enthusiasts.



By starting with an idea–and a lot of work–the first BOTE was produced in Corey's workshop. While rough around the edges, this board laid the foundation for the next steps. By utilizing the latest in 3D CAD simulation and analysis software, BOTE was able to refine production methods and develop a board that is truly unique while maintaining reasonable production costs.


BOTE recognizes that most US coastlines and inland areas have not been exposed to stand-up paddle boarding because it is a relatively new sport in the mainland US and most paddle board companies focus their marketing efforts towards the already established surfing and paddle boarding cultures. Conversely, most coastal and inland areas have strong fishing cultures. BOTE's ability to meet the needs of both paddle surfing and fishing cultures has bridged the gap and advanced the next evolution of the paddle board. 

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