BOTE Paddle Boards Announces The Grambler

BOTE Boards introduces the Grambler, a surf specific board in their new line. BOTE Boards introduces the Grambler, a surf specific board in their new line.

FORT WALTON BEACH, Florida — BOTE, a leader in standup paddle board innovations, announces the debut of the newest addition to their quiver, the Grambler. A board that was developed as part of BOTE’s rapid prototyping and experimentation program called DarkRoom™, Grambler was designed specifically to be a surfing paddle board with traditional longboard feel and performance. The concept of the board was derived from a collaboration with a musical band, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, specifically the band’s founders, Tim and Nicki Bluhm. The result of the collaboration was the desire to create surf style paddle board that would accommodate less aggressive styles of surfing and work well on small to medium sized waves.

bote grambler 1

bote grambler 3The thumb-tail and single wing on the rails allow the Grambler to be nimble, surf rail to rail and make quick turns.

Some design features that make this new board unique are its thumb-tail and single wing on the rails which allows the Grambler to be nimble, surf rail to rail and make quick turns. The 10’ 4” length and ample volume–capable of supporting up to 215 lbs–transitions effortlessly into recreational paddling making this board ideally suited for the surfer or paddler looking for a slightly larger board to use in both the surf and flat water.

“A lot of our customers have been asking for a board like this one, and we have finally developed the perfect paddle board for all of the soul surfers out there.” explains Corey Cooper, Owner of BOTE, LLC. He continues, “We have a lot of customers who are middle aged and just aren’t interested in surfing with an aggressive style anymore. The Grambler makes it possible for those guys (and girls) to get out there and have a great time doing what they love.”

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bote grambler 2BOTE Creative Director Rob McAbee perosnally delivered the first two production models to the Bluhms in California.


To celebrate the launch of the Grambler, BOTE’s Creative Director, Rob McAbee, concocted a plan to deliver the first two production models to Tim and Nicki Bluhm in California. Rob and several of his mates made a trek up the Pacific Coast Highway, traveling from Los Angeles to Big Sur, where they would meet up with Tim and Nicki. The journey involved surfing and camping along the way and was captured in photography, video and writing which will be released on the BOTE web site on July 29th along with the launch of the new board for purchase.

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About BOTE Paddle Board Company

Founded in late 2009 by Corey and Magda Cooper and Headquartered in Ft. Walton Beach FL, BOTE® is a stand up paddleboard brand. We are a lifestyle brand, we are racers, we are surfers, we are anglers, we are industry leaders and we are technical innovators. The technical innovations are what allow us to Stand Apart. From designing the world’s first fishing specific stand up paddle board to creating a new proprietary Chainmail™ weave, BOTE® continues to push our sport forward. These innovations allow our customers to paddle faster, further and with purpose. We are guided by our mission, “BOTE® Stands Apart through industry shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle”.

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