Gargantuan Grouper Caught On Paddle Board

Capt. Ben Chancey is all smiles after reeling in a 400lb. grouper. Capt. Ben Chancey is all smiles after reeling in a 400lb. grouper.

STUART, Florida - Captain Ben Chancey got the experience of a lifetime when he was able to reel in a gargantuan 7 foot long, 400 pound grouper off of his paddle board off the East Coast of Florida. While struggling to reel in the massive fish, Chancey was knocked off of his paddle board yet he still managed to keep hold of the rod and fight for the fish. After reeling in the grouper, Chancey took a couple of photos and released the fish back into the wild.

This is possibly the first known giant Goliath Grouper ever landed off of paddle board, the official word is yet to be decided. Watch the exciting action unfold in the video below!

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Last modified onThursday, 30 July 2015 10:53

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