BIC SUP To Have World Paddleboard Championships


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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - BIC Sport, world leader in watersports, is excited to announce the first annual BIC SUP “One Design” Challenge World Championships, scheduled for December 5-6th, 2013 in San Juan, Puerto Rico in conjunction with the·renowned Paddle Royal SUP race. Both of these world-class events take place in the Condado Lagoon in·downtown San Juan, an idyllic tropical paradise.


2013 is the inaugural year for this unique Stand Up Paddleboard race series, where all participants use the exact same type of board, Outside Magazine’s “Gear of the Year” 12’6 WING by BIC SUP. One Design races allow athletes to compete against one another on the exact same board, creating a level playing field where skill and technique take center stage. Racers are placed in heats, with the top finishers from each heat advancing to the next round until a finals is reached. The race courses are designed to be short, sweet and exciting, with enough room for the field to battle for positioning and multiple turns to reward technical skills. With over 300 events worldwide in just the first year, the BIC SUP One Design Challenge is already the largest SUP race series in the world.


Anyone who participates in one of the 300 One Design events worldwide this year is eligible to participate in the World Championship event. Upcoming qualifying events, as well as results for past events can be found at www.bicsuponedesign.com. Those hoping to participate in the World Championships but are unable to attend a qualifying event may apply for a waiver during registration. Men’s, Women’s and a Youth divisions are available. To register, visit www.paddleroyal.info



Founded in 1979, by the Bich Family, of BIC Pen fame, BIC Sport grew from a passion for watersports partnered with world-renowned expertise in sustainable manufacturing. Visit www.bicsport.com to learn more about the company and to discover the full range of BIC Sport products.


BIC Sport North America, 2380 Cranberry Highway, West Wareham, MA 02576, 508-291-2770 [email protected]


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